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How Visalus & Vincent Owens screwed people out of millions

MLM affiliates receiving giant oversized commission checks means different things to different people. Prospective affiliates might see a window of opportunity, a chance to better themselves financially. Existing affiliates might take it as a kick up the butt and commit to their business with newfound focus and enthusiasm. A regulator might see income claims used [Continue reading…]

United Games Marketing set affiliate cutoff date, share compliance woes

I first learned about United Games Marketing’s plans to limit affiliate numbers back in late June. The affiliates will be capped and the goal is to have players enjoying the game with Freemium play. With UGM affiliates out there marketing heavily on fear of loss, the question was when were affiliate signups actually going to [Continue reading…]

Organo Gold Review: Ganoderma mushrooms & MLM

Admittedly mushrooms aren’t the first thing I think of when I think ‘coffee’. Taking the idea from ancient Chinese medicine though, Organo Gold seek to fuse together coffee beverages and health products with the Ganoderma mushroom. Mushrooms and MLM…? Not the likliest pairing but nonetheless a pairing that Organo Gold have hinged their entire product [Continue reading…]

Using cheap signs to market MLM is a bad idea

When you begin to market your MLM business, one possible criteria you might have in the forefront of your mind is to keep costs down. Be it through cheaper web design, slightly less than premium business cards or perhaps coming up with cost effective inventive ways to market your MLM business. Sure, there are various [Continue reading…]

Avant founder Brent Payne launches new lead store

One of the big assets you have when owning a MLM company is that you’re in possession of an active list of marketers. Additionally you’re in a position of trust and the financial success of your marketers is mutually inclusive to your own financial success. Avant owner Brent Payne recently decided to capitalise on this [Continue reading…]

Is it ethical to sell leads to your own MLM members?

One of the more lucrative but often not talked about too much aspects of running a MLM business opportunity is the inhouse generation of leads. Typically the MLM company itself, or a member of management who perhaps already owns an MLM lead generating business, will begin to cross market these leads to the wider member [Continue reading…]