One of the big assets you have when owning a MLM company is that you’re in possession of an active list of marketers. Additionally you’re in a position of trust and the financial success of your marketers is mutually inclusive to your own financial success.

Avant owner Brent Payne recently decided to capitalise on this financial relationship and under the Avant name launched a lead store for members of Avant.

As pointed out by BehindMLM reader ‘Hank’, one of the big questions raised by the launch of this new Avant lead store is whether or not it’s an association of Payne’s previous business lead generating venture ‘Extreme Leads Inc’.

Extreme Leads Inc was founded by Brent Payne and Shane Krider and marketed leads to members of their previous joint venture Liberty League International. For some reason Krider has been keeping up with the filing of annual reports for Extreme Leads Inc (of which Brent Payne is still listed as a shareholder), sparking speculation as to whether the company is still in business or not.

So, the big question – is the new Avant lead store linked to Extreme Leads Inc?

The Avant lead store website prominently displays a phone number at the top of the page, (888) 455-3237. A quick google search for this number reveals 3,190 results – most of which are generically MLM lead related. The number itself appears to be customer support for a parent lead generating company Responsive Data LLC.

Responsive Data LLC was founded in 2000 by Dennis Seifert and are an internet marketing company offering lead generation services. Of relevance to Avant is the affiliate program they offer, which appears to be what Avant have joined.

The Avant lead store is a cookie cutter website template offered by Responsive Data, you can confirm that by comparing it to

The layout and graphics are identical, as is the information contained in the FAQ section of both websites.

One difference though, the website acknowledges it’s partnership with Responsive Data in their website footer, whilst the Avant lead store does not. Regardless though, it’s clear the two sites were setup by the same company.

From the looks of it Avant seems to have completely outsourced their lead generation system to Responsive Data LLC. Not that there’s anything wrong with that in itself, but it does raise the question of how effective the leads provided will be.

Primarily Responsive Data appear to generate leads via capture pages. These pages contain a marketing spiel followed by a contact form in which a prospect is asked to fill in some information in order for someone to get back in touch with them.

Traditionally an MLM marketer would handle this on their own but when purchasing leads it’s up to the lead generation company to market these capture pages and drive traffic to them.

The shortfall?

Have a look yourself at an example lead capture page provided by Responsive Data.

I don’t know about you but nothing much really grabbed me there, let alone made me want to sign up. Sure it’s a generic demonstration page but even with some Avant specific marketing copy and graphics it’s still a static marketing spiel + contact form page. Stale, stale and more stale.

Nothing different from the billions of other capture pages out there.

Whilst it appears that the Avant lead store is completely outsourced and has nothing to do with Payne’s previous venture, Extreme Leads Inc., the quality of leads the Avant lead store will provide seems questionable.

When you’re dealing with something as intimate to your business as leads, do you really want to trust outsourcing it to a third party. When your business is only marketable to a specific type of customer (in this case those interested in a personal development opportunity), you’ve got to do everything you can to focus on that niche. This starts with your capture page design and copy and extends to how you market it, how you drive traffic to the page and the sources you use to drive traffic.

Frankly I don’t really see how a cookie cutter lead generation service fulfills any of these needs.