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Polaris Global to cut costs with BFE University

In an age of the internet, smart phones, e-book readers, netbooks, tablet pc’s, mp3 players and an every incerasing army of portable gadgets designed to give you information on the go, it’s a little strange to find that most MLM companies still opt for the traditional books and CD/DVDs package to distribute their products. I [Continue reading…]

Polaris Global & Scientology at cause. Are you?

KRC is an acronym used in Scientology that stands for Knowledge, Responsibility and Control. To the degree that a person has all three of these things present with regard to a given area, endeavor, situation or subject, that person will have an increased ability to remain at cause over the situation When one or more [Continue reading…]

The Secret’s James Arthur Ray guilty of manslaughter

One of the biggest criticisms I have of the MLM personal development niche is that it seems to be populated with self taught ‘feel good’ gurus. Whereas in the real world people look at credentials and education, in MLM all of this seems to go out the window in favour of liking what you hear. [Continue reading…]

Is success in MLM simply a matter of time?

When it comes to success in MLM on the part of the distributor, associate, marketer or whatever you want to call yourself, there seems to be two schools of thought. On one side we have those that believe you either have it or you don’t. That’s not to say that if you don’t have it [Continue reading…]

Gregory Strom sinks Polaris Global’s ethics to new low

Polaris Global, a leader in network marketing and home-based businesses, is urging its members and all entrepreneurs to follow a strict code of ethics while building their business. Polaris is trying to change the perceptions of network marketing, also known in the industry as multi-level marketing, through its honest and ethical business practices. Polaris’s leaders [Continue reading…]

Polaris Global, Scientology and Facebook (again!)

Earlier this month Polaris Global held their Sovereignty Live event in Whistler BC, Canada. So far, details of the how the Sovereignty Live event went have been pretty scarce. Naturally then when Polaris Global decided to publish some photos of the event on Christmas Day, I browsed over to take a look (link originally provided [Continue reading…]

Using cheap signs to market MLM is a bad idea

When you begin to market your MLM business, one possible criteria you might have in the forefront of your mind is to keep costs down. Be it through cheaper web design, slightly less than premium business cards or perhaps coming up with cost effective inventive ways to market your MLM business. Sure, there are various [Continue reading…]

Cassandra Rigbye threatens BehindMLM over MLM past

Over the past year or so I’ve written a number of articles on Liberty League International, then Polaris Media Group, then Polaris Global Marketing and now simply Polaris Global. Over the course of these articles many people have been written about and discussed, all within the context of the MLM industry of course. Some of [Continue reading…]

Beyond Freedom Evolution & Scientology: Coincidence?

Polaris video and written course products have consistently avoided any particular political or religious belief system as a matter of company policy, and will continue to do so in the future. -Gregory Strom, author of Polaris Global product line One of the longstanding conundrums of Polaris Global has been the ongoing question over the direction [Continue reading…]

MLM debt leads to murder and failed suicide attempt

One of the more worrying aspects of the MLM industry is people racking up long term ongoing debts they cannot pay. As anyone in the industry will tell you running a MLM business successfully requires an ongoing monetary investment. Leads aren’t just going to fall into your lap and more often then not, be it [Continue reading…]