When you begin to market your MLM business, one possible criteria you might have in the forefront of your mind is to keep costs down.

Be it through cheaper web design, slightly less than premium business cards or perhaps coming up with cost effective inventive ways to market your MLM business. Sure, there are various ways to keep costs down but going to extreme measures to cut costs can actually have the opposite effect in the presentation and perception of your business.

For the cost of a few A3 sized bits of plastic (or if you’re really cheap, cardboard that you then cover in sticky tape), some textas and petrol – you too can plaster your suburb and surrounding suburb with marketing for your MLM opportunity.

It’s not expensive but boy is it ugly, unprofessional and seriously – when was the last time you looked at someone advertising something with handwritten notes and thought it was credible?

Homeless people make signs in handwritten markers – and that’s because they have no money. How is anyone going to believe you’re rolling in the dollars or that you possess the slightest hint of success when you employ the same marketing a hobo does to market your MLM business?

The other side of the coin is that people might actually even start to get annoyed with your ugly advertising clutter; as Anna Greaves from ThinkBelieveHave.com recently found out when trying to market her Polaris Global business on the cheap.

Whilst amusing, from a business perspective these signs will remain up offering a poor reflection of your business until the owner spots them, or the council takes them down.

This of course could take weeks and if you’ve plastered your marketing signs everywhere, as is often the case when someone goes on a sign erecting spree).

Although ugly and unprofessional to look at when not defaced, the above signs are undoubtedly not going to Anna Greaves and her website any marketing favours.

Is saving a few pennies with hand written signs really worth risking the reputation of your MLM business over?