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Skyway Capital & NEEW scam warning in NZ

New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority has issued a scam warning against Skyway Capital and New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW).

Skyway Capital exit-scams NEEW investors

After Skyway Capital’s initial Ponzi scheme failed, the company jumped on the MLM crypto bandwagon. When Skyway Capital’s initial token scheme failed, the company launched CryptoUnits. When CryptoUnits failed Skyway Capital attempted to relaunch itself as New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW). Things appeared to be on the rocks last November, following Skyway Capital [Continue reading…]

Skyway Capital bans affiliates from mentioning Skyway Capital

It’s official; the Skyway Capital Ponzi brand is toxic. So toxic that Skyway Capital has outright banned affiliate investors from publicly mentioning its name.

Steven Seagal fronts Skyway Capital, goes on Illuminati aliens rant

Desperate for a distraction after their Dubai ruse collapsed, Skyway Capital has signed Steven Seagal on for a celebrity endorsement.

Skyway Capital continues investment fraud with tokens & CryptoUnits

The Skyway Capital Ponzi scheme might be running low on cash, prompting Skyway to announce both Skyway tokens and CryptoUnits. Communication seems to be a problem at Skyway Ponzi HQ though, as both reload scams have been announced simultaneously. This naturally caused confusion, prompting Skyway to issue clarification that they aren’t one and the same. [Continue reading…]

Skyway Capital & Five Winds investment fraud warnings from Slovakia

The National Bank of Slovakiahas issued investment fraud warnings against Skyway Capital and Five Winds.

Skyway Capital regulatory warnings issued in Greece & Germany

Regulatory notices concerning Skyway Capital have been published by regulators in Germany and Greece.

Skyway Capital “suspected scam” warning issued in New Zealand

Things have been pretty quiet over at Skyway Capital, following a regulatory warning issued by Estonia in June 2017. Russia remains Skyway Capital’s primary source of investment revenue, however New Zealand could be emerging as a fresh source of victims to dupe. On July 12 New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority issued a Skyway Capital “suspected [Continue reading…]

Skyway Capital warning issued Estonian financial regulator

Estonia’s Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) is the country’s top financial regulator. Following increased interest and participation in Skyway Capital, the FSA issued an investment warning back in April.

Chris Principe sues over lost Skyway Capital PR deal ($75,000+)

Chris Principe had a budding career going in to bat for MLM underbelly Ponzi schemes. Having already enjoyed exposure of his Financial IT magazine for running a cover story on OneCoin and speakingĀ at a company event, Principe was cozying up to Skyway Capital for his next gig. Like OneCoin, Skyway Capital is also a Ponzi [Continue reading…]