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Skyway Capital banned in Italy for fraud, fined €70,000

Skyway Capital has been banned in Italy for securities fraud. As per a bulletin issued by CONSOB on September 21st;

EvoRich investors being funneled into “Dragon Man” NFT scam

EvoRich investors are now being funneled into an NFT grift. “Dragon Man” NFTs are the latest in a series of scams targeting what’s left of Andrey Khovratov’s EvoRich Ponzi scheme.

EvoRich investors being funneled into FNT exit-scam

A few months ago EvoRich investors were being funneled into Bob Ultee’s BobCoin scheme. As of September 2022, here’s how that’s panned out: Now EvoRich investors are being funneled into FNT, a new shitcoin scheme run by persons unknown.

Skyway Capital banned for securities fraud in Lithuania

Skyway Capital has been added to Lithuania’s blocked website list. As per the Bank of Lithuania, the cited reason for the ban is securities fraud.

Unitsky String Technologies continues to lie about Skyway Ponzi

Unitsky String Technologies continues to lie about its Skyway Capital Ponzi scheme. The latest update appears to leave existing investors in limbo, while new investors continue to be recruited.

EvoRich Ponzi resorts to selling “radical transformations”

EvoRich founder Andrew Khovratov was arrested in Russia back in April. Shortly after, Bob Ultee stepped in as the saviour of the Ponzi scheme. Across April and early May, this saw investors funnelled into Ultee’s bobcoin scheme. In mid May a possibly intoxicated Ultee smashed his allegedly speeding lambo into the back of a Peugeot [Continue reading…]

Sky World Community returns to crypto with Cryptadium

Following its NEEW exit-scam, Sky World Community is again looking to integrate cryptocurrency into its Ponzi scheme.

Andrey Khovratov arrest footage, Bobcoin legal threats

Footage of EvoRich owner Andrey Khovratov’s arrest has surfaced. The undated footage, released by Russian authorities, appears to depict Khovratov’s arrest last month. Khovratov had attempted to flee Russia with one or more accomplices at the scene. Khovratov was briefly questioned in the airport carpark he was arrested in:

EvoRich investors being funneled into Bobcoin exit-scam

Within days of founder Andrey Khovratov’s arrest in Russia last month, EvoRich announced a partnership with Bobcoin. Now EvoRich affiliate investors are being ushered into Bobcoin, which for all intents and purposes has morphed into a exit-scam offramp.

EvoRich’s Andrey Khovratov arrested for fraud in Russia

EvoRich founder and CEO Andrey Khovratov has been arrested in Russia. Authorities in Tagansky, a district in Moscow, have charged Khovratov with three counts of fraud.