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Coinset collapses, GFST rebranding

The Coinset NFT Ponzi scheme has collapsed. As per communications sent out to investors, Coinset will officially be abandoned for GFST as a company name from April 1st.

EvoRich’s Andrey Khovratov sentenced to 5 years in prison

EvoRich Ponzi founder Andrey Khovratov has been sentenced to five years in prison. Prosecutors had asked the court for a six year sentence. Following his arrest attempting to flee Russia in early 2022, Khovratov was charged with five counts of participating in fraud via organized crime.

Skyway Capital Ponzi reboots with SWGT token

Skyway Capital is at it again. On their umpteenth reboot, the Ponzi scammers are hoping to fleece investors through the newly created SWGT token.

Coinset: EvoRich ringleaders continue NFT grift

EvoRich was a spinoff of Anatoly Yunitskiy’s Skyway Capital Ponzi scheme. Andrey Khovratov, EvoRich’s founder and CEO, was arrested in Russia in April 2022. Khovratov has been charged with criminal fraud and, as of May 2023, remains in pre-trial detention behind bars. Armands Murnieks doesn’t publicly acknowledge Khovratov’s arrest. He refers to it as a [Continue reading…]

EvoRich’s Khovratov still in prison, criminal case pending

A year after his arrest in Russia, Andrey Khovratov remains in detention behind bars. In an attempt to secure release, Khovratov filed an appeal against his detention on March 24th. The court denied the appeal on April 17th. The order provides insight into the current status of Khovratov’s case.

Skyway Capital Ponzi fraud warning from Vietnam

Skyway Capital has received a fraud warning from Vietnam’s People’s Public Security. As per VPPS’ October 11th notice;

Skyway Capital banned in Italy for fraud, fined €70,000

Skyway Capital has been banned in Italy for securities fraud. As per a bulletin issued by CONSOB on September 21st;

EvoRich investors being funneled into “Dragon Man” NFT scam

EvoRich investors are now being funneled into an NFT grift. “Dragon Man” NFTs are the latest in a series of scams targeting what’s left of Andrey Khovratov’s EvoRich Ponzi scheme.

EvoRich investors being funneled into FNT exit-scam

A few months ago EvoRich investors were being funneled into Bob Ultee’s BobCoin scheme. As of September 2022, here’s how that’s panned out: Now EvoRich investors are being funneled into FNT, a new shitcoin scheme run by persons unknown.

Skyway Capital banned for securities fraud in Lithuania

Skyway Capital has been added to Lithuania’s blocked website list. As per the Bank of Lithuania, the cited reason for the ban is securities fraud.