EvoRich investors are now being funneled into an NFT grift.

“Dragon Man” NFTs are the latest in a series of scams targeting what’s left of Andrey Khovratov’s EvoRich Ponzi scheme.

If you’ve never heard of Dragon Man you’re not alone.

EvoRich revealed Dragon Man back in June 2020, as part of efforts to launder stolen investor funds:

Note there’s another DragonMan movie in production; DragonMan: The Adventures of Luke Starr. EvoRich’s Dragon Man movie has nothing to do with that.

Details on Dragon Man as a movie don’t matter. All you need to know is after two years it’s still in production limbo.

What’s relevant to our coverage of EvoRich is the launch of Dragon Man NFTs.

Key to Dragon Man NFTs is the marketing ruse “allows fans to be able to contribute to the film”. That’s code for “give us your money”.

There’s nothing remarkable about EvoRich’s Dragon Man NFT grift. They plan to JPG every second of the movie and flog them as NFTs.

Something something valuable, to the moon, 69420x your investment, we’re all gonna make it etc. etc.

On the backend of the cash grab is an investment scheme. Dragon Man NFTs equate to one share in a “points pool”.

Owning more NFTs let(s) you have more points of the total pool, generating a higher % of ownership to the total points existing.

The points pool is supposedly funded by royalties – which means you first have to suspend belief and buy into Dragon Man not being a failed money laundering initiative.

In other words; Yeah, it’s another Ponzi scheme.

The DragonMan NFT grift is being pushed by EvoRich ringleaders Mila Serdjukova and Armands Murnieks.

Both Serdjukova and Murnieks represent they are based out of London, UK on social media.

In June 2021 the UK’s FCA issued an EvoRich fraud warning. The warning was issued under NEEW, EvoRich’s previous trading name.

Although the NFT grift has been announced, EvoRich hasn’t told investors how much they’ll be scammed out of investing in one.

As I understand it the NFTs will be sold through the existing EvoRich affiliate genealogy, primarily benefiting top recruiters like Serdjukova and Murnieks.

EvoRich plans to test the waters of their new NFT scam in India first:

Presumably based on how that goes, it’ll either be abandoned or rolled out to other regions.

Dragon Man NFTs follow two other EvoRich reload scams; BobCoin and FNT token.

Bobcoin was a financial disaster for anyone who invested. FNT token was only recently revealed and has yet to generate losses.

The EvoRich reload scams surfaced following EvoRich founder Andrey Khovratov’s arrest in April.

In a nutshell you have leaders in the original Ponzi scheme looking to double-scam the Ponzi scheme’s victims.

Khovratov was arrested attempting to flee Russia. He is believed to still be in custody but there have been no firm updates since April.