The Coinset NFT Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

As per communications sent out to investors, Coinset will officially be abandoned for GFST as a company name from April 1st.

Coinset was an EvoRich spinoff following the arrest of founder Andrey Khovratov.

Heading up the NFT Ponzi scheme you were top EvoRich promoters Armands Murnieks and Mila Serdjukova.

GFST started off as a token attached to Coinset. Following Coinset’s collapse however, GFST is now also the reboot branding.

GFST will see WCRU bagholders from EvoRich able to convert their WCRU into GFST.

As of yet GFST’s website hasn’t been updated to reflect the rebranding. It’s still being pitched as a side token scheme attached to Coinset.

For now, even on official GFST marketing webinars, investors are only being pitched on the usual “number go up” promises.

It’s assumed sometime after April 1st Coinset’s NFT investment scheme or an adaptation of it will be revealed. Or perhaps there will be a new grift (an AI ruse EvoRich spinoff hasn’t happened yet).