Skyway Capital has been added to Lithuania’s blocked website list.

As per the Bank of Lithuania, the cited reason for the ban is securities fraud.

In a May 18th update to its “list of entities without the right to provide financial (including investment) services in Lithuania, the BoL lists:

  • SkyWay Lietuva
  • Skyway Capital and
  • First Skyway Invest Group LTD

Pursuant to the BoL’s securities fraud blacklist, the following Skyway Capital related domains are banned across Lithuania:

  • and

These are all part of the same Russian Ponzi scheme, which as of late 2021 now calls itself Unitsky String Technologies.

Known as “Skyway Capital” for years, that has also been rebranded as “Sky World Community”.

Following the rebranding, Unitsky String Technologies continues to pretend it and its various shell companies aren’t all part of the same scam.

Unitsky String Technologies, Sky World Community and Skyway Capital and its derivatives are all owned by Yunitsky Anatoly.

Anatoly is a Russian citizen with suspected ties to Belarus. Thus far authorities in Russia have taken no action against Anatoly or his Ponzi scheme.

Anatoly’s once partner in crime, Andrey Khovratov, wasn’t so lucky.

SimilarWeb currently tracks top sources of traffic to Sky World Community’s primary website as Russia (36%) and Uzbekistan (26%).

Top sources of traffic to Unitsky String Technologies’ website are Belarus (51%), Italy (27%) and South Africa (15%).