Skyway Capital has received a fraud warning from Vietnam’s People’s Public Security.

As per VPPS’ October 11th notice;

According to documents of the Department of Economic Security, Skyway is introduced as a Group implementing air transport technology projects, established in Belarus, operating in the form of raising capital from organizations and individuals. individuals (investors) through the form of buying stock packages.

The Ministry of Public Security said that Skyway has not been licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to operate a multi-level business, showing signs of violating Vietnamese law from introducing more members into the system.

Following an internal investigation, VPPS has noted Skyway Capital recruitment hubs in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Ninh and Bac Giang.

According to VPPS, Skyway Capital in Vietnam is headed up by Nguyen Thu Mat.

I wasn’t able to confirm this but noted Skyway Capital’s official Vietnamese website credits Nguyen Van Tam as bringing the Ponzi scheme to Vietnam.

In order for SkyWay to be present and develop in Vietnam as it is today, it is imperative that someone dare to take the lead, dare to take risks when SkyWay has not yet formed.

Patience, sharing, bringing the first SkyWay opportunity to Vietnam is none other than Captain Nguyen Van Tam, an investor, capital sponsor, and partner with SWC since 2016.

VPPS identifies Skyway Capital as a Ponzi pyramid hybrid;

The company has a model of developing a network of participants in the shape of a pyramid. When participating in the system, investors are entitled to a monthly dividend according to the number of shares owned, in addition to a commission when introducing new investors to join the system.

Unfortunately further action looks unlikely, unless Skyway Capital victims in Vietnam come forward.

Up to now, the investors have not received any profit, but the participants still believe that this project will bring profits in the future (currently the authorities have not received the complaint letter from the victim). any related to business activities of Skyway Company)… leading to many difficulties in verification and handling because these organizations are not established in Vietnam.

BehindMLM reviewed Skyway Capital back in 2016, as a 22% a day Russian Ponzi scheme.

Following an initial failed transition to cryptocurrency, Skyway Capital rebranded as Sky World Community in late 2021.

This coincided with owner Anatoly Unitsky rebranding parent company Skyway as Unitsky String Technologies in November 2021.

Unitsky (also spelt Yunitskiy), is a Russian national who splits his time between Belarus and MLM scam capital of the world Dubai.

As of August 2022, Unitsky String Technologies continues to pretend it has nothing to do with Sky World Community.

Two months prior, Sky World Community signalled another attempt at cryptocurrency through Cryptadium.

SimilarWeb is tracking just over around 15,000 visits to Cryptadium’s website over the past three months. Visitors are primarily from Brazil (19%, down 55% month on month), Vietnam (13%, up 25% month on month) and Russia (13%, down 62% month on month).

In addition to Vietnam, Cryptadium is also spreading through Poland (7% of Skyway website traffic, up 37% month on month).

Seeing as Vietnam is currently the primary source of Sky World Community Ponzi recruitment, Vietnamese authorities might want to think about rounding up local ringleaders.

Nguyen Thu Mat’s National ID credentials were published by the VPPS in their notice, so it’s not like they don’t know who they are.