A year after his arrest in Russia, Andrey Khovratov remains in detention behind bars.

In an attempt to secure release, Khovratov filed an appeal against his detention on March 24th.

The court denied the appeal on April 17th. The order provides insight into the current status of Khovratov’s case.

Khovratov is the founder of the Skyway Capital Ponzi spinoff EvoRich.

Russian authorities arrested Khovratov on related fraud charges last April.

The standing order in Khovratov’s case is he is to remain in detention till prosecutors file a criminal case against him.

Khovratov challenged that order by way of appeal on March 24th.

In the appeal, the lawyer Timokhin A.I., disagreeing with the said decision, considers it illegal, unreasonable, subject to cancellation, referring to violations of the criminal procedure law.

In denying Khovratov’s appeal, the court determined;

Taking into account the identity of Khovratov A.F., taking into account the charge of committing serious crimes, for each of which the law provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of more than three years, the court of first instance came to a reasonable conclusion about the possibility of Khovratov A.F. abscond or otherwise by obstructing the proceedings.

The materials presented confirm the validity of suspicions of respect Khovratova A.F. involvement in the alleged acts.

The court of appeal does not find new grounds that have not become the subject of trial when deciding on the extension of the
measure of restraint, which could serve as a basis for canceling or changing the previously chosen measure of restraint.

Khovratov will remain in detention for six months, backdated to March 21st (this is the date of the detention order Khovratov appealed).

There doesn’t appear to be any timeline for filing of a criminal case, but I suspect the longer one isn’t filed the higher the probability Khovratov will secure pre-filing release.

Considering Khovratov was arrested in an airport carpark attempting to flee Russia…

…it’s expected if he is released he’ll promptly disappear.


Update 23rd January 2024 – Andrey Khovratov has been sentenced to five years in prison.