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OneCoin’s Chris Principe also promoting Skyway Capital Ponzi scheme

In his own words, when Chris Principe ‘first heard about OneCoin, (he) thought it was either a scam or a pyramid scheme‘. That quickly changed  after OneCoin paid Principe to run a fluff-piece in his Financial IT publication. In addition to paying an undisclosed amount of money to change Principe’s opinion of the scheme, OneCoin [Continue reading…]

SkyWay Capital Review: Russian transport funding 22% daily ROIs?

Putting together information on SkyWay Capital is tricky, primarily because most of it is in Russian. As per the SkyWay Capital website (“”), Evgeny Kudryashov is credited as Director of the company. Kudryashov (right) is also listed as the owner of the SkyWay Capital website domain, albeit with an incomplete address in London, UK. Kudryashov himself appears to be a real [Continue reading…]