A reader recently wrote in about Shane Morand promoting “PureCafe” on YouTube.

They figured it was some new coffee MLM and asked me to look into it.

Morand made a name for himself as one of the original co-founders of Organo Gold (now Organo).

I should note that the last time we came across Morand, circa mid 2022, he was in Dubai promoting the collapsed Decentra Ponzi scheme.

According to Morand’s LinkedIn profile he’s now in Costa Rica. Evidently Morand’s Dubai crypto bro aspirations didn’t pan out but I digress.

I hit up Morand’s Twitter profile and saw a “#livepure” hashtag.

LivePure is Pure, as reviewed here by BehindMLM. I had a look at LivePure’s compensation plan and it’s the same plan I reviewed in 2019. As such I won’t be publishing an updated review.

In trying to suss out when Morand joined LivePure I came across a self-serving November 4th press-release.

Renowned Co-Founder Shane Morand Departs ORGANO, Paving the Way for Future Opportunities in the Functional Coffee Sector

The above headline struck me as odd. Morand was assumed to have left Organo once he transitioned into the Dubai MLM crypto Ponzi circuit.

I noted that there was nothing from Organo Gold in the press-release, which I took to mean it was one-sided.

I still think Morand left Organo before Decentra Universe but I don’t have anything concrete to refute Morand’s claims with so I’ll leave that there.

In addition to the headline, these paragraphs also caught my eye;

Commenting on his time at ORGANO and future aspirations, Mr. Morand stated, “While my journey with ORGANO has been profoundly rewarding, unresolved challenges over the past 5 years have prompted me to chart a different course.”

Mr. Morand recently initiated legal proceedings in Houston, Texas, related to his time at ORGANO.

These legal matters are currently under the careful review of Houston’s legal authorities, and additional information regarding the situation in Houston, Texas is forthcoming.

We encourage all interested parties to stay informed and await official updates as they become available.

I went looking for federal case details and there aren’t any. Who the “legal authorities” and “interested parties” Morand references remains unclear.

In another self-serving press-release, Morand announced he’d joined LivePure on November 27th, 2023.

 Get ready for a rendezvous with destiny as direct sales maestro Shane Morand announced today that he is choosing to embark on a transformative journey in conjunction with global MLM leader LivePURE.

This highly anticipated celebration set to launch in Q1, 2024 in Dallas, Texas, promises to redefine the very essence of wellness with its ground-breaking approach.

I’m a bit miffed on the “Q1, 2024” launch date. PureCafe is already available on LivePure’s website and, with reviews dating back to 2019, appears to have been for some time.

Pending any further updates, we’ll keep you posted.