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Samoan church officials stole millions, put it into OneCoin

Through a web of financial mismanagement and corruption, officials of the Samoan Independent Seventh Day Adventist church in New Zealand stole millions from its congregation. A lot of the stolen money was pocketed by the officials themselves. The rest was  ploughed into OneCoin and other fraudulent investment schemes.

OneCoin promoter in Ecuador sentenced to five years prison

A OneCoin promoter in Ecuador has been sentenced to five years in prison. Ivonne Ortiz was a prominent promoter of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme in Ecuador. Ortiz featured in official OneCoin marketing material, appearing to be pretty high up the food chain.

Second OneCoin conviction in Singapore = 6 mths prison

A second OneCoin promoter in Singapore has been sentenced to six months in prison. Terence Lim Yoong Fook will also have to pay a $210,000 SGD ($158,603 USD).

Two more arrests in Argentinian OneCoin crim case

Authorities in Argentina have made two more arrests as they pursue OneCoin promoters across the country.

More victims come forward in Argentinian OneCoin crim case

More OneCoin victims have come forth in Argentina, potentially adding weight to the criminal case.

8 OneCoin Ponzi scammers arrested in Cordoba, Argentina

Authorities in Cordoba, a city in central Argentina, have arrested eight promoters of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme. Among those arrested is Edgar Moreno, a well-known local radio and television presenter.

Sebastian Greenwood to be served by US Marshals

The OneCoin class-action Plaintiffs have been given permission to serve defendant Sebastian Greenwood through US Marshals.

Gilbert Armenta under compassionate release till sentencing

A filing by Gilbert Armenta in the OneCoin class-action has revealed he’s currently under compassionate release.

Three OneCoin money launderers indicted in Germany

It’s been two years since we’ve heard anything out of Bielefeld’s Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding OneCoin. Now, three suspects have been indicted and will appear at Munster District Court.

OneCoin’s Mark Scott disbarred in New York

OneCoin money laundering attorney Mark Stanley Scott has been disbarred in New York. The decision was made in an opinion published by the New York State Law Reporting Bureau on October 29th.