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Success Factory collapses, co-CEOs plan MKX reboot

What is left of the Success Factory pyramid scheme has collapsed. Over the past week co-CEOs Roald Mailly and Jason Tyne have both announced their bailing on the company.

Ruja Ignatova’s Sozopol mansion is now a rentable lodge

Earlier today a reader reached out with an interesting find: What you’re looking at are Bulgarian singers Alisia & Тoni Storaro, promoting their new single “Полудях”. The music video for Полудях was uploaded to YouTube on July 7th… …and it was shot at Ruja Ignatova’s Sozopol mansion.

OneCoin lawyer Per Danielsen loses Norwegian govt case

Disbarred OneCoin lawyer Per Danielsen has lost his case against the Norwegian government. In handing down its June 23rd decision, the Oslo District Court found Danielsen had “persistently deviated from acceptable lawyer behavior”.

FBI bumps Ruja Ignatova’s arrest bounty to $250,000

Ruja Ignatova’s arrest bounty has been bumped to $250,000. When Ignatova was added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list in July 2022, the original bounty was $100,000. Given OneCoin was a $4 billion Ponzi scheme, this seemed a little on the light side. $250,000 isn’t comparatively significant but is nonetheless more than the [Continue reading…]

Bulgaria fires disgraced Onecoin protector Ivan Geshev

A top official believed to be behind Bulgaria’s ongoing protection of OneCoin has been fired. On June 12th, Bulgaria’s Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) voted to dismiss Ivan Geshev as Prosecutor-General. On June 15th, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev signed off on the SJC’s decree, effectively firing Geshev from his post.

Frank Schneider escapes French detention, now a fugitive

French authorities have dropped the ball, allowing OneCoin’s Frank Schneider to flee pending extradition to the US.

OneCoin lawyer disbarred, files case against Norwegian govt

A disbarred lawyer has filed a case against the Norwegian government. At a ten day hearing that started on May 25th, Per Danielsen, of the firm Danielsen & Co. AS, is accused of working with OneCoin’s Ruja Ignatova.

Was Kamenov’s murder in South Africa tied to OneCoin?

The man alleged to have ordered the murder of Lyubomir Ivanov, former head of the criminal division of Bulgaria’s national police, was murdered in South Africa last week. Krassimir “Kuro” Nikolaev Kamenov, who has an Interpol red notice out on him, was “shot dead in Cape Town, South Africa.” Kamenov’s wife and two other victims [Continue reading…]

Jayms blames One Ecosystem’s collapse on Georgi Georgiev

Following on from the announcement he’s leaving OneCoin earlier this week, Cordel “King” Jayms has put out a video going into greater detail. Titled “King Jayms’ Final Decision”, the video was uploaded to Jayms’ personal YouTube channel on May 13th, 2023.

Cordel King Jayms abandons OneCoin Ponzi scheme

OneCoin’s current highest ranking promoter has quit the Ponzi scheme. Instead of just admitting there’s nobody left to scam, Cordel King Jayms is citing “personal reasons”.