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David Pike, second OneCoin money launderer arrested

US authorities have arrested a second OneCoin money launderer, David R. Pike. Pike worked with convicted OneCoin money launderer Mark S. Scott. He was apprehended after lying to federal agents about laundered OneCoin money.

Mark Scott guilty, OneCoin’s Bulgaria office cleared out

In a verdict that will likely surprise no one, a jury has found Mark Scott guilty of laundering money for OneCoin.

Ruja Ignatova’s warning underscores OneCoin mafia ties

A secretly recorded conversation between Ruja Ignatova and Gilbert Armenta, her boyfriend, underscores links between OneCoin and organized crime.

Details of Konstantin Ignatov’s OneCoin guilty plea

Courtesy of Matthew Russell Lee from the Inner City Press, details of Konstantin Ignatov’s guilty plea have been made public.

DOJ: Emails prove Mark Scott knew OneCoin was fraudulent

The DOJ has filed a letter requesting several communications be admitted as evidence, on the grounds they prove Mark Scott knew OneCoin was fraudulent.

Konstantin’s testimony drops one OneCoin bombshell after another

Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial is taking place over the next few weeks. The highlight of proceedings so far has been Ruja Ignatova’s brother, Konstantin Ignatov, trotted out as a cooperating witness. Ignatov’s testimony, yesterday in particular, has provided us with a few interesting bombshells.

Konstantin testifies for DOJ, turns on OneCoin and sister

Konstantin Ignatov has appeared as a witness for the DOJ. Examination by prosecutors spanned questions about his involvement in OneCoin, working under his sister, Ruja Ignatova, and Mark Scott’s visit to the Sofia head office.

DOJ files objections to Mark Scott’s motions in limine

The DOJ has hit back at Mark Scott’s motions in limine, labeling them a transparent attempt to whitewash the trial of the defendant’s criminal conduct and curtail significantly the Government’s ability to introduce relevant evidence. Below are the main arguments Scott’s attorney put forth that the DOJ object to.

Mark Scott’s attorney argues lying to banks isn’t bank fraud

Mark Scott’s attorney has put forward the extraordinary argument that lying to banks isn’t bank fraud.

Mark Scott OneCoin case in limine motions reveal desperation

Both Mark Scott and DOJ have filed their respective motions in limine, in preparation for Scott’s November 4th trial date. Perusal of the motions suggests Scott’s defense will rely heavily on suppression and straw clutching.