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Steinkeller bros paid Eliminalia €38K to hide OneCoin fraud

Aron, Stephan and Christian Steinkeller have been outed as clients of the Eliminalia reputation management agency. Eliminalia is notoriously known for their blackhat approach to “erasing” their client’s past.

OneCoin’s Gilbert Armenta sentenced to five years in prison

Gilbert Armenta’s OneCoin crimes called for a 100 year sentencing guideline. In the lead up to his sentencing, Armenta’s lawyers asked for time served due to the conditions at MCC New York. The DOJ asked for seven years, stating that “any sentence of less than five years’ imprisonment would not (be appropriate).” Following a “lengthy [Continue reading…]

Gilbert Armenta’s OneCoin cooperation dossier

On January 27th OneCoin defendant Gilbert Armenta’s attorneys filed a Sentencing Memorandum. The filing was heavily redacted, prompting Inner City Press’ Matthew Lee to file a motion requesting access to an unredacted version. At the request of the court, on February 10th Armenta’s attorneys clarified their position on the redactions. Recognizing that Mr. Armenta’s cooperation [Continue reading…]

UK authorities returned £30 mill to OneCoin money launderer

Back in 2016 the City of London Police arrested Christopher Hamilton. Hamilton had been reported up for suspicious transactions by his bank. An investigation revealed the transactions were tied to OneCoin. Along with Hamilton’s arrest, the CoLP also seized £30 million in checks, purportedly sent to Hamilton by convicted OneCoin money launderer Gilbert Armenta. At [Continue reading…]

Ruja Ignatova’s attorneys claim UK penthouse on her behalf

Attorneys representing OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova, have filed a claim on an otherwise abandoned £13.5 million penthouse in London.

Nexo raids in Bulgaria have suspected ties to OneCoin

Bulgarian authorities have raided the offices of the Nexo crypto Ponzi scheme. That itself is just another day in crypto but authorities are apparently alleging Nexo’s founders had ties to OneCoin.

Christopher Hamilton’s OneCoin money laundering indictment

Christopher Hamilton’s OneCoin money laundering indictment has been unsealed. Originally filed back in March 2019, Hamilton’s indictment details two counts of fraud.

Sebastian Greenwood pleads guilty to OneCoin fraud charges

Karl Sebastian Greenwood has pled guilty to OneCoin related wire fraud and money laundering charges.

Frank Schneider’s OneCoin indictment unsealed

In what might be indirect confirmation Frank Schneider will be extradited to the US, the DOJ moved to unseal his indictment. The court granted the DOJ’s request on December 5th.

OneCoin holding Ponzi event in 2022 @ Crowne Plaza, UK

OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova is on the FBI’s most wanted list. Sheltered by Bulgarian authorities, OneCoin itself is still operational. As part of ongoing efforts to lure new investors into the $4 billion scam, OneCoin is holding a marketing event London next month.