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OneCoin promoter murdered in Mexico

Two OneCoin promoters have been found in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The bodies of Oscar Brito Ibarra and Ignacio Ibarra (no relation), were stuffed into suitcases and dumped in a vacant lot. An examination determined suffocation as the cause of death. Local Mexican authorities are treating the deaths as homicide and an investigation is underway.

Fred Fok fined $71,700 for promoting OneCoin in Singapore

Fok Fook Seng, better known as Fred Fok, has been fined $71,000 for promoting the OneCoin Ponzi scheme in Singapore.

Police swarm Igor Alberts’ & Andreea Cimbala’s house

Dutch media are reporting several police units responded to a situation at Igor Alberts’ and Andreea Cimbala’s Netherlands residence. The incident took place on Sunday evening and may have involved armed individuals.

OneCoin Ponzi scammers in Germany acquitted

In a bizarre ruling, two OneCoin Ponzi scammers in Germany have been acquitted.

OneCoin Leaks: Simon Le’s resignation letter

In the lead up to his resignation as “captain” of OneCoin on April 1st, Simon Le claims to have “many sleepless nights”. Details of what he was worried about are revealed in Le’s leaked OneCoin resignation letter.

OneCoin class-action stay lifted, case is back on

Plaintiffs in the OneCoin class-action have convinced the Judge to reopen the case. On April 28th a joint letter informed the court of both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s current positions.

Soldo denies relationship with OneCoin, threatens to sue

Luca Miatton is one of the ringleaders still promoting OneCoin in Italy. On April 25th, Miatton held a Facebook live in which he presented a Soldo OneLife branded Mastercard. As per their website, Soldo provide 60,000+ companies with prepaid Mastercards. The cards are supposed to be given to company employees to manage “spending and expenses”. [Continue reading…]

OneCoin struggling to keep websites behind reverse-proxy

After using CloudFlare for years, the reverse-proxy provider started showing phishing scam warnings for OneCoin back in January. As reported by BehindMLM readers, affected websites include OneCoin’s own, OneLife and DealShaker. Not all jurisdictions were affected, but it was widespread enough to hinder recruitment efforts.

OneCoin class-action heading towards dismissal

Plaintiffs in the OneCoin class-action have been given until April 16th to explain why their case shouldn’t be dismissed.

Sebastian Greenwood’s OneCoin fraud indictment details

The mystery of OneCoin co-founder Sebastian Greenwood’s post-extradition disappearance is over. On April 6th Greenwood’s 2018 indictment was unsealed, giving us all the juicy details.