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London Police drop OneCoin investigation, defer to DOJ

After three years the City of London Police have revealed they’ve dropped their OneCoin investigation. The revelation was made in what appears to be a public request for a case review.

BBC podcast explores Ruja Ignatova’s disappearance

As part of their BBC Sounds podcast collection, presenter Jamie Bartlett is exploring the disappearance of OneCoin’s Ruja Ignatova.

OneCoin promoter dumped from Slovenian blockchain event

The Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences (FKPV) is a college in Celje, Slovenia. FKPV is currently gearing up to hold a three-day “blockchain summer school” event starting September 17th. As per FKPV’s promotional material for the event; Don’t miss great lecturers, work in the sections on cryptocurrencies and ICOs, and smart contracts and technology. [Continue reading…]

OneCoin “cryptocurrency wizard” arrested in Thailand

Authorities in Thailand have arrested top local OneCoin promoter Mana Chu Mueang. Mana, who refers to himself as a “cryptocurrency wizard”, is believed to have stolen over 500 million baht from OneCoin victims ($16.3 million USD).

Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial rescheduled to November 4th

Following a failed bid to blame the DOJ for production of evidence so close to trial, Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial has been postponed till November.

Mark Scott backflips on evidence review process, DOJ not happy

With just five weeks to go till his OneCoin criminal trial, Mark Scott has backflipped on the review process he’s been fighting against for months. The DOJ has labelled Scott’s backflip an obstruction. And indeed the actions of Scott and his attorneys will now likely lead to a delay in his trial.

OneCoin class-action stayed over defendant service issues

Proceedings in the OneCoin victim class-action have hit a snag, due to difficulty in executing service on several defendants.

OneCoin promoters in Finland up for tax fraud and money laundering

Prosecutors have filed criminal charges against five OneCoin promoters in Finland.

Wantage One targeting OneCoin, Ormeus, CBG & LEO Ponzi victims

Antony Norman’s Wantage One is marketing itself as a savior of OneCoin, Ormeus Global, CrowdBridge Global and LEO Ponzi scheme victims.

What happened to OneCoin CEOs Pablo Munoz and Pierre Arens?

One of the more endearing mysteries surrounding OneCoin is fate of its two short-lived CEOs; Pierre Arens and Pablo Munoz. With input from a OneCoin insider, today we go behind the scenes to shed light on their abrupt departures.