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Mark Scott wants to postpone OneCoin sentencing indefinitely

The Mark Scott sentencing circus continues, with Scott now asking his OneCoin fraud sentencing be postponed indefinitely.

OneCoin continues fraud through Santander Bank PL

Although it’s a shadow of the four billion dollar Ponzi it was, new victims are still being recruited into OneCoin. The current signup process has revealed OneCoin continues to defraud consumers through a Santander Bank account in Poland.

Seychelles’ notaries under fire for OneCoin laundering conspiracy

It’s established that the UAE, Dubai in particular, played an integral role in Ruja Ignatova’s laundering of OneCoin funds. As part of his ongoing investigation into OneCoin money laundering, Jonathan Levy has uncovered misconduct by a notary in Seychelles.

Horse Racing Ireland turns blind eye to OneCoin laundering

Following Frank Schneider’s arrest in May, one of the last key figures in OneCoin’s money laundering operation still free is Amer Abdulaziz Salman. According to former CEO Konstantin Ignatov, Salman made off with €100 million in stolen OneCoin investor funds. That’s on top of the money Salman allegedly laundered for OneCoin through his shell company [Continue reading…]

Fourteen OneCoin promoters indicted in Italy

Fourteen promoters of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme have been indicted by Italy’s Guardia di Finanza. The indictments were filed in Bolzano, a city in Italy’s South Tyrol province. Unfortunately the names of those indicted have not been released.

Argentinian OneCoin arrests climb to fourteen (4 new)

As part of the ongoing Argentinian investigation into OneCoin, prosecutors in Cordoba have approved the arrest of four additional suspects. Rodrigo Domínguez, Aldo Leguizamón and two other people stand accused of defrauding clients through the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

OneCoin recovery scam surfaces with DeepFakes actor

A bizarre OneCoin “relaunch” website has popped up. A video promo on the site features a DeepFakes actor playing OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova.

Frank Schneider’s appeal delays extradition to US

Frank Schneider’s extradition to the US is on hold, pending the outcome of an appeal. A decision on Schneider’s extradition was supposed to have been made on Wednesday July 21st. As reported by Luxembourg publication Wort, Schneider, anticipating his extradition, has filed an appeal with the Nancy Court of Appeal. According to the terms of [Continue reading…]

Gilbert Armenta violating OneCoin bond home incarceration?

OneCoin defendant Gilbert Armenta is being pursued for unpaid mortgage payments dating back to April 2020. For some reason the Plaintiff’s attorney is having issues serving him.

FCA refuse to regulate securities fraud in the UK [warning]

In a startling admission, the FCA has bluntly confirmed it is unable to regulate securities fraud in the UK.