OneCoin’s Irina Dilkinska has consented to a $111,440,000 monetary judgment.

The judgment follows Dilkinska’s guilty plea last month.

Dilkinska worked as OneCoin’s Head of Legal and Compliance.

In that role, Dilkinska oversaw OneCoin’s money laundering operations from Bulgaria.

Dilkinska’s $111 million consented judgment sees her held jointly liable with convicted co-conspirator Mark Scott.

Scott is currently scheduled to be sentenced on January 25th, 2024. Any additional monetary penalties ordered against Scott will also see Dilkinska held jointly liable for the amount(s).

Dilkinska, 42, is scheduled to be sentenced on February 14th, 2024. She faces a maximum ten years in prison.


Update 4th December 2023 – Dilkinska’s sentencing has been rescheduled for March 1st.


Update 4th April 2024 – Dilkinska was sentenced to four years in prison on April 3rd, 2024.