A German court has sentenced OneCoin promoter and money launderer Frank Ricketts to five years in prison.

As tweeted by Johan von Mirbach, producer of the CryptoQueen docu series, Ricketts’ wife Manon Hubenthal received four years.

Disgraced attorney Martin Breidenbach, who assisted Ricketts and Hubenthal with laundering OneCoin Ponzi funds, was sentenced to two years and nine months.

Ricketts, Hubenthal and Breidenbach were indicted by the Bielefeld Public Prosecutor’s Office in November 2020.

Following lengthy delays, the trial eventually kicked off in September 2021. Further delays saw Ricketts’ trial blow out to over two years.

Based on presented evidence at the time, in November 2021 a Judge advised Ricketts to plead guilty.

I’m unclear on whether Ricketts’ sentencing was a result of a late guilty plea, or whether he rolled the dice on a verdict.

Pending further updates, whether there was a monetary component to Ricketts’ sentencing is also unclear.