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Unaico case in Pakistan proceeds to arrest phase

An investigation into Unaico executives in Pakistan has progressed to the arrest phase. The National Accountability Bureau is investigating Unaico CEO Dan Andersson and Atif Kamran. The investigation examined the allegation that Anderson and Kamran, through Unaico, caused Rs. 190 million ($1.1 million USD) in losses.

High Court order sheds light on Dan Andersson’s fraud in Pakistan

A High Court order has provided insight into why LEO owner Dan Andersson can’t leave the country. Turns out Andersson’s years of scamming the Pakistani public have come back to haunt him.

SiteTalk and OPN to target US market?

When we last checked in with SiteTalk, they’d ditched the Unaico name and reinvented themselves as “The Opportunity Network”. Both The Opportunity Network (OPN) and SiteTalk are still chugging along today, with news from the company last month indicating a new push into the US market. If you’re wondering why SiteTalk had previously abstained from [Continue reading…]

The Opportunity Network Review: Unaico rebooted

Unaico first popped up on my radar in April of 2011. Back then you had a pretty basic setup, with Unaico operating as an MLM business opportunity pegged to the social network SiteTalk. Both companies were run by CEO Rune Evensen, with the plan being that SiteTalk would generate revenue and commissions via shopping purchases [Continue reading…]

Unaico & SiteTalk Review: Social, MLM &… shares?

As we know it today, social media is huge. Facebook has over five hundred million users and Twitter isn’t too far behind with around two hundred million. With such potential reach and exposure, it isn’t surprising that many seek to duplicate the larger social network’s success. To differentiate themselves though they have to offer more. [Continue reading…]