Other than a few shills running around lying about getting paid, it’s generally accepted that the Hyperverse Ponzi scheme has collasped.

BehindMLM didn’t definitively call the collapse, but we’ve been documenting Hyperverse’s withdrawal problems since January.

Now, something strange is happening.

HyperOne and HyperNation have emerged. And there appears to be an internal struggle over which Ponzi Hyperverse investors will get funneled into.

HyperOne’s reveal earlier this month was certainly strange. It began with a 2018 YouTube video featuring HyperTech co-founder Samuel Lee (aka Xue Lee).

Lee co-founded HyperTech with Ryan Xu years ago.

HyperTech is the umbrella company through which the HyperCapital, HyperFund and Hyperverse Ponzi schemes were launched through.

Naturally, misrepresenting a 2022 Ponzi launch with an unrelated 2018 marketing video raisd immediate suspicion.

Accompanying the 2018 Sam Lee video was other videos on HyperOne’s official YouTube channel, representing Kalpesh Patel and Keith Williams, top earners dating back to HyperFund.

Kalpesh Patel was quick to issue a video response, denying any involvement in HyperOne.

Whoever is running HyperOne responded in turn by deleting the videos from its official YouTube channel. HyperOne promoters now claim the videos, despite appearing on HyperOne’s official channel, were created by a third-party.

Other than that HyperOne appears to be a carbon clone of HyperFund and Hyperverse. Daily returns, a  new HOT shit token and an MLM comp plan to incentivize investor recruitment.

Considering the marketing story behind HyperOne is Sam Lee split from Ryan Xu and went off on his own, it’s a little strange Ryan Xu’s company CollinStar Capital features on HyperOne’s website:

Alongside HyperOne you have HyperNation, which I wasn’t aware of until a reader pointed it out last week.

HyperNation also pitches itself as the successor of Hyperverse. HyperNation’s official FaceBook page was created four days ago on May 18th. They’ve been spamming Twitter though since May 9th.

So far nobody has put their face to HyperNation. Official HyperNation marketing videos feature this dubbed over dork:

HyperNation’s marketing theme is the world is “corrupt and unjust”. And the only escape apparently is losing money in MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.

I know the term “cult” is bandied about like candy these days but, laughable as it may be, HyperNation’s campaign feels more like a lame attempt at indoctrination.

How dumb you have to be to swallow the pitch remains to be seen. As I write this though, HyperOne’s “manifesto” video is closing in on 10,000 views.

499 viewers felt the video was good enough to click “thumbs up”.

Unlike HyperOne, HyperNation haven’t bothered to set up a website yet. Which is concerning, considering the Ponzi reboot’s promised launch is 24 hours away.

If you’re thinking HyperNation looks hastily put together, you’re right. HyperOne has announced a May 27th launch.

What HyperNation does have going for it is the endorsement of HyperFund and Hyperverse’s top net-winners.

It’s also being pushed through Hyperverse’s official social media channels:

After Lee and Xu went into hiding, and Rodney Burton quietly cashed out and dicked off, Kalpesh Patel became the face of Hyperverse’s financial fraud.

Their respective marketing pitches aside, both HyperOne and HyperNation are continuations of HyperFund/Hyperverse. Beneath the marketing you’ll find references to NFT investment positions.

Both launches are just an excuse to ram more crypto buzzwords into the existing thrice-failed Ponzi offering.

Looking forward, the respective launches next week might prove interesting.

My take is unless you see Ryan Xu and Sam Lee on camera discussing HyperOne or HyperNation, assume they’ve cashed out and someone else is running the show.

Over the past year and a bit we’ve seen anyone associated with HyperFund and Hyperverse pack up and flee to Dubai. There’s a reason for that, likely extending beyond $49 million recovery efforts by liquidators in Australia.

Pending the outcome of Hyperverse’s reboot civil war next week, stay tuned…


Update 15th May 2023 – HyperNation collapsed in February 2023. That same month it was rebooted as Satoshi AI.