Hyperverse claims its created “a virtual metaverse comprising of millions of planets”, through which it will allow investors to enter “the age of interstellar migration”.

With that in mind and remembering Hyperverse supposedly has “1000 IT professionals” slaving away 24/7, news of manually approved withdrawal requests is baffling.

In a recent communication to investors with denied withdrawal requests, Hyperverse wrote;

To all the users who have submitted their withdrawal failure form up to 14th January 2022, we have received a total 8957 submission of which 1035 were duplicates, 1329 incomplete submissions (or wrong format) & 886 submissions with users’ information mismatch.

We are glad to inform the remaining 3704 users would be in our withdrawal final review list.

Our team will reach out to them within 5 working days via email. Please do check your email for further instructions and refrain from making any withdrawal again during this processing time.

Do note that due to the large amount of submissions pending for review, the review team will require some time for the entire process to be completed.

Ryan Xu has mastered “interstellar migration” but can’t set up an automated payment processor?

And what the heck is a “withdrawal final review list”?

People invested funds into HyperFund/Hyperverse on the expectation of an advertised 300% ROI. Either Hyperverse has that money to pay out or they don’t.

The second half of the update pertains to successful withdrawal requests, which Hyperverse frames as “intentional exploitation”.

To the 2003 submission, which are identified as exploiting intentionally on the platform, We would like to strongly emphasise again that there will be zero tolerance against this group of users.

Some users who has been crossing the line severely despite countless warnings have already had their accounts freezed and restricted accordingly.

We hope all community members can enjoy, participate & benefit from our ecosystem in a fairplay and healthy environment.

C’mon guys, fairplay means letting Xu and the gang spend your money in Dubai.

Quit putting in those pesky withdrawal requests!