Following his appearance in HyperOne marketing material, Kalpesh Patel has denied any involvement in HyperOne.

Patel, one of HyperFund’s and Hyperverse’s top earners, claims HyperOne has nothing to do with Hyperverse.

As per a video published by Patel;

I just wanted to respond to the HyperOne video that’s been thrown around.

All they’re doing is collecting a database. They’re using Sam Lee’s name, my name, Keith’s name in their video, saying that they’re all part of the same company.

It’s nothing to do with Hyper. It’s completely nonsense.

Please share this message with your people and let them know that there’s no connection between HyperOne and Hyperverse.

This raises the question of who’s behind HyperOne then. Sam Lee and Ryan Xu haven’t been seen in public for over six months.

It’s possible that whoever’s behind HyperOne is counting on them staying in hiding. But by including Patel and Williams, who are still actively promoting Hyperverse, surely they knew they’d respond?

Pending any further developments, stay tuned…