The face of Hyperverse Ponzi fraud is out.

Following unease over Hyperverse’s rudderless HyperOne and HyperNation reboots, Patel informed his victims (and fellow scammers) that he’s abandoning ship.

Patel, along with Rodney Burton, are suspected of stealing millions through the HyperFund and Hyperverse Ponzi schemes.

The top net-winners were the face of HyperFund fraud, with both relocating to Dubai as the Ponzi scheme took off globally.

Whereas Rodney Burton cashed out of HyperFund in late 2021, around the time Ryan Xu and Sam Lee went into hiding, Patel stayed on.

As late as last month, Patel was still holding rahrah events in Dubai and the UK for his HyperFund/Hyperverse top recruiters.

On or around May 26th, Patel acknowledged Xu and Lee disappearing. Patel also acknowledged Hyperverse payment problems, which followed on from HyperFund’s collapse last year.

In another communication sent out on or around May 24th, Patel claims Hyperverse was in a “withdrawal crisis”.

Despite this of course, he and his team of scammers continue to promote Hyperverse. Patel claims despite the problems, Hyperverse was still bringing in “millions” a day.

Patel’s private exit-scam message was sent out over Telegram on or around May 29th.

Dear Hyper Family,

I hope this message finds you well.

I know my messages last week caused a number of you concern, all I will say is I had my reasons and my intention was not to scare or damage anyones communities, but to get you to look at the current situation with your eyes wide open.

My journey in HyperVerse has to be one of the best time as an entrepreneur in 25 years.

I learnt about HyperCapital in November 2019 and after 3 months of due diligence and seeing Ryan Xu, Sam Lee and Jayden Wei updating the community regularly and attending zoom launch without masks, I realised I had found a real home.

As my journey progressed and after giving up all of my time with my family, I whole heartedly dedicated every waking moment to assist building an amazing community as part of my Hyper Journey.

In June 2020, HyperCapital was re branded to HyperFund and having Sam and Ryan and Jayden visible at the helm was incredible, and after meeting Ryan in February 2021 in Dubai,

I realised that is truly was time to get very serious and assist building The Largest Blockchain Alliance on the planet and to date It has over 1 million active members which is incredible.

As December 2021 came and it transitioned into HyperVerse, again Sam and Ryan were visible bringing in a new CEO.

I remember being so excited for our futures and getting ready to venture into the HyperVerse by Q1.

In December I did an all rxpenses paid celebration with 350 of my top ranked members in Dubai and felt we as a family were in the right space at the right time.

During the transition to Hyperverse I was inundated with many members unable to withdraw, members waiting over 2 months for KYC and other system errors that we tried to get fixed.

But the issues got worse, customer support did too.

We as Nodes had access to Corporate employees via telegram, but they were getting more difficult to pin down too.

I felt ‘let’s give them time until the upgrade is fully complete’, as this certainly was not an easy task.

During April, MOF withdrawals stopped and HVT withdrawals became available, in fact they made this available from January as an option, but giving us no warning that this was going to happen, which would have prepared our community to start setting up our HVT smart contracts.

During this time I and many of the Node Leaders have been promised a call with Corporate to get answers to the many questions we and our community so desperately need to move forward in the right direction, and after months of asking, our request has not been fulfilled.

1 Week ago I finally got a chance to meet our chairman Sam Lee in Dubai and remember being so excited to finally meet him in person, someone I had admired since starting my journey with HyperCapital.

I met Sam Lee on 2 occasions and discussed openly the issues we are having, what was going on, how are we moving forward and when will these issues be resolved.

After our meetings, I was left with the impression that I would have to wait for the answers just like everyone else and that they would be provided on the HyperNation launch presentation.

I, along with the vast majority of you who watched that presentation was left even more confused and had even more questions.

For me, there was no evidence of any solutions to the issues with HyperVerse on the HyperNation launch, no mention of HVT, no mention of Ryan Xu or Sam Lee and no mention of the new CEO either. Infact, there was no corporate presence and nothing from hyperverse was addressed.

We built this community on the strength of Ryan Xu and Sam Lee being at the helm of this project.

I have come to the conclusion that as a Leader, I can not currently promote HyperVerse until we have 100% proof that Ryan Xu and Sam Lee are behind this project, and not someone in a mask.

I am sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear.

Many leaders may find it difficult to discuss the facts honestly and openly.

Many members will only want to hear what they want to hear. None of this is easy for most of us.

I am still a member of HyperVerse but at this current time I can not watch as more funds are fed into what I believe to be a broken system.

I look forward to seeing all of your successes online.

Remember, our dreams to move our lives forward must always remain first.

Challenges must not stop us growing through them to higher heights.

I’d like to apologise again for any upset caused and want you all to know that I love and respect each and every one of you as my equals, no matter what you choose to do next, may it ve the right thing for you.

I’ll be here when ever you need me as a friend and mentor.

Love and hugs
Always Live your best life,
Kalpesh x

HyperCapital was the first “western” iteration of the HyperTech Ponzi schemes. It was launched after Ryan Xu and Sam Lee scammed a bunch of Chinese investors with their HyperCash Ponzi scheme.

Patel getting in during HyperCapital, means he’s profited off three HyperTech Ponzi iterations.

If, as Patel claims, HyperTech’s Ponzis have taken in $4.8 billion, he most certainly will have stolen millions. If not tens of millions over the past four years of Ponzi scamming.

Perhaps the most damning statement from Patel’s personal exit-scam is this:

I am still a member of HyperVerse but at this current time I can not watch as more funds are fed into what I believe to be a broken system.

It’s damaging to his victims in that it instills a sense of hope. That somehow Patel, Xu and Lee will return and they’ll somehow recoup their losses.

Kalpesh understands Ponzi math as well as anyone else. In order from him to steal millions, HyperCapital, HyperFund and Hyperverse victims had to lose it.

And, pending regulatory intervention, that’s money that’s not going to ever find its way back to the people it was stolen from.

Instead, all the people Kalpesh stole from get is this:

I’d like to apologise again for any upset caused and want you all to know that I love and respect each and every one of you as my equals.

But you’re not equals, are you Kalpesh. You’re in your Dubai crime den sitting on millions. Your victims are financially ruined.

Normally BehindMLM doesn’t cover individual promoters of Ponzi schemes. But Kalpesh’s victim gaslighting is insufferable.

Oh really. You’re going to “be there” for the friends you stole from Kalpesh? Mate they don’t need that. They need the money back you and the rest of the HyperTech scamlords stole from them.

Patel primarily scammed Indian communities, both in India and the UK.

Typical of MLM Ponzi victims, many of whom come to idolize the individuals stealing from them, some of Patel’s victims haven’t accepted they’ve been scammed yet:

In the wake of his personal exit-scam, Kalpesh is living it up with his family in the UK. Patel had just finished a Hyperverse investor cash splash in Italy – attending a Ponzi marketing event no less.

Lino Curci and Mirko Sabia are promoters of the Safir International “Zeniq Coin” Ponzi scheme.

Having stolen a small fortune, I suspect Patel will now lie low for a while. Y’know, wait for the heat to die down.

Then it’ll be back to scamming more KaLpEsH pAtEl TrAnSfOrMaTiOn DaYs.


Because, dating back as far as Zeek Rewards, Ponzi scamming is all Kalpesh Patel knows. He won’t stop till he’s behind bars.


Update 3rd June 2021 – Well that didn’t take long. Kalpesh Patel is now funneling his Hyperverse downline into GSPartners.

GSPartners is a Ponzi scheme run from Dubai by Josip Heit.

GSPartners’ original G999 Ponzi collapsed, prompting Heit to recently launch a new “Metaverse Certificates” investment scheme through tether.