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Infinii abandon Springboard seats securities offering

The major red flag identified in our BehindMLM Infinii review was the company’s Springboard seats securities offering. In a nutshell, Infinii affiliates were to invest in “seat” positions which would eventually pay out a passive ROI. Following publication of our review, Infinii removed their official compensation plan documentation. New documentation was made available, with the [Continue reading…]

Infinii Review: DS Domination expands into securities

DS Domination launched back in mid 2013, making it just over two years old. On the business side of things, DS Domination marketed dropship training costing $2564.95. Affiliate membership is extra, with retail members able to purchase the dropshipping training resources without signing up as affiliate. I’ve always suspected this to be unlikely however, with [Continue reading…]

Roger Langille ditches DS Domination

The trouble with recruitment-driven schemes is that they rarely survive the two-year mark. For whatever reason, two years is about the time an MLM opportunity dependent on recruitment begins to falter, if not collapse completely. Those that survive are usually modified from their initial launch, either by tinkering with the compensation plan, adding something or [Continue reading…]

Options Domination Review: ROIs for “a few minutes work”?

The folks behind Options Domination are the same crew that launched DS Domination. Unfortunately though you won’t find any information about that on their website. Despite Options Domination having recently officially launched, at the time of publication there’s currently no information about the owners and management of Options Domination up on their website. The Options Domination website domain [Continue reading…]

Options Domination accused of stealing binary signals

DS Domination launched in 2013 and saw the company sell online dropshipping “how-to”guides. This is bundled with an MLM compensation plan. The guides are sold retail, with an additional $9.95 fee paying for DS Domination affiliate membership. Late last year word on the grapevine was that DS Domination were looking to branch out into binary [Continue reading…]

eBay confirm: “Yes you can sell Amazon items”

Following on from yesterday’s post about DS Domination and dropshipping, Looking forward I guess there’s little left to do but adopt a wait and see approach. As far as Amazon goes, short of policing eBay themselves and trying to connect listings to Amazon accounts (which I don’t realistically see them doing), it would seem the [Continue reading…]

Do DS Domination members actually dropship?

Following on from yesterday’s discussion over whether or not eBay suspended the seller account of a DS Domination member or not, I started to ponder the incident a bit deeper. What is currently known is that a DS Domination member had their eBay account suspended because eBay were not comfortable with (the member’s) selling practices [Continue reading…]

eBay suspending DS Domination seller accounts?

DS Domination’s bundling of “how to copy Amazon product descriptions into eBay auctions, markup the price and dropship” was bound to raise concerns at some point. At the entry-level, which the company uses to demonstrate the concept of drop-shipping to new and potential members, it was always going to be a question of who would [Continue reading…]

Roger Langille buries Sozo termination hatchet

Prior to launching DS Domination, Roger Langille’s primary MLM focus was his affiliate membership with Sozo. So the story goes, Langille met with Mark Adams (co-founder and CEO of Sozo) in April. During a wine and dine, Langille claims Sozo promised him lead generation, the opening of the business in Brazil, that Sozo would be [Continue reading…]

DS Domination beta Review: Dropshipping products?

DS Domination went into beta launch on August 23rd. Currently there is no information on the DS Domination website indicating who owns or runs the business. The DS Domination “about us” page does not share information with the general public unless they join the company: You are not allowed to view this page. This means [Continue reading…]