Following on from yesterday’s post about DS Domination and dropshipping,

Looking forward I guess there’s little left to do but adopt a wait and see approach. As far as Amazon goes, short of policing eBay themselves and trying to connect listings to Amazon accounts (which I don’t realistically see them doing), it would seem the ball is entirely in eBay’s court.

I sent an email to eBay to try to get to the bottom of whether or not they are officially fine with sellers, members of DS Domination or otherwise, selling Amazon products on their site.

I was kind of expecting a “refer to our terms and conditions” type vague reply but to my surprise, I was contacted by an eBay Customer Service rep who was quite clear on the issue.

Before we get into eBay’s reply though, just for clarification here is the message I initially sent them yesterday:

Hi there, I was wondering what eBay’s policy is on me listing Amazon items on eBay?

I’d list items I haven’t purchased yet from Amazon and if they sell, purchase the item and then have Amazon ship the item to the eBay customer. Am I able to do this as an eBay seller?

As you can see I was very specific and blunt, wanting crystal clear clarification on whether or not I can list Amazon items I haven’t yet bought, with an intention to purchase only after the listing sells on eBay.

Here’s what eBay sent back:

Thanks for contacting eBay Customer Service. I’m happy to ehar (sic) that you are interested in selling items here in our site! I undersntad (sic) that you have some questions about selling Amazon items. Let me help you.

To answer your question, yes you can. But it is not advisable to sell items if you do not physically have the item. There could be some problems along the way with regard to the shipping part and some damages during shipment.

Sellers who choose to sell using this method are still responsible for the item and the buyer’s satisfaction. It is allowed as long as long as the seller can guarantee that the item will be delivered to the buyer within 30 days of the end of the listing.

Sellers who choose to sell using this method are responsible for the item and their buyer’s satisfaction just like any other eBay seller. If there is a problem, it’s the seller’s responsibility to work it out with the buyer.

I hope this information helps.

And there you have it. With the caveat of an item being shipped within 30 days of purpose, eBay will only go so far as to advise sellers not to sell items they don’t physically have.

This should put any questions of whether or not eBay have problems with the sale of Amazon products through eBay to rest once and for all.

Why DS Domination themselves haven’t contacted eBay in an official capacity and sought a response as such I can’t say, but I’d strongly advise they do to avoid and further confusion going forward.

That and informing their members that they risk eBay seller account suspension if their training is not 100% followed wouldn’t hurt either.

Meanwhile why ProfessorX’s account was banned remains a mystery. Was it the product categories listed? Was it the listing titles? Was it the amount of listings?

Unfortunately without specific clarification from eBay on the matter we may never know. And by all accounts, clarification on eBay seller account suspensions isn’t one of eBay’s strong suits.

In anycase, at least at a core level I hope the above response form eBay offers some official clarification to DS Domination members as to whether or not they can safely list Amazon items on eBay.

Note that I’ve sent a similar question to Amazon as I did eBay, but at the time of publication have not yet received a response.