DS Domination’s bundling of “how to copy Amazon product descriptions into eBay auctions, markup the price and dropship” was bound to raise concerns at some point.

At the entry-level, which the company uses to demonstrate the concept of drop-shipping to new and potential members, it was always going to be a question of who would get fed up first – eBay or Amazon?

Firing what appears to be the first bullet at DS Domination members is eBay, specifically calling out a DS Domination member’s “selling practices and business model”.

In a recent post on the MoneyMakerGroup forum, DS Domination member “ProfessorX” shared the following message he received from eBay:

After reviewing your eBay account, we have concerns about your selling activity. As a result we’ve taken the following actions on your account:

– Selling privileges have been indefinitely restricted. You won’t be able to list new items. You’re also not allowed to register a new account.

– Some or all of your listings may have been removed. A list of any removed items will be listed further down in this email.

– We have credited any associated fees to your account.

Our decision is based on evidence from our records and our goal to keep eBay a safer place for buyers and sellers.

We’re not comfortable with your selling practices or business model, and we feel they don’t help to promote a positive buying and selling environment.

Please remember that you can’t use other accounts or register new accounts to sell on eBay. If you do, your accounts could be limited, restricted, or suspended.

eBay then go on to list 123 “as new” items he had listed on his eBay account, which were created in line with DS Domination’s claim that

any user can create an income within minutes. Simply by copy pasting product information from one company to another.

ProfessorX claims the account in question was ‘4 years (old), had a 100% feedback score and 45,000 dollar listing limit‘.

In their message outlining their concerns, eBay provided no recourse or appeal option for ProfessorX to engage in, nor did eBay seek any further information or an explanation before deciding to suspend the selling activity of the seller account.

Not surprisingly, ProfessorX is furious and appears to be done with DS Domination:

I’m sorry I ever came across this program. My ebay account has now been hit with permanent restrictions. All 123 items I had listed have now been removed and I am no longer able to list or sell any new items.

My friend who I share this account with is going to lose his mind tomorrow when he finds out that our account of 4 years that had a 100% feedback score and 45,000 dollar listing limit has been shut down.

This is total crap.

As of the time of publication I’m yet to see a response from DS Domination addressing eBay’s decision.

ProfessorX isn’t the only one having problems with DS Domination’s “list Amazon products on eBay” dropshipping approach though. MoneyMakerGroup forum poster “ibjulieb” shared her experience with DS Domination’s training last week:

I sometimes wonder how many people are actually making the 6 figures promised by Roger….I have followed the system to the “T”, have 350 really great items up, kickass titles, 100% feedback and am lucky if some of my 30 day listings get 2 or 3 views in a month.

I suspect that people who have never made a cent online are all ecstatic over a sale or two each day, which is what I manage, for hours of work. No “6 figures” here.

And I can’t, in good conscience, promote this to other people, with the inflated promises made by Roger, when the reality is otherwise.

I did all the things required to qualify as a Top Rated Seller. Indeed, I do get one or two sales a day…but with profit margins being what they are, that hardly propels me to a 4, 5 or 6 figure income.

If this is the first time you are hearing of challenges like these, you are not in the skype chats…people won’t say it in public chat, but privately, many are experiencing the same difficulties.

I applaud those of you who are making such a killing on ebay. I am not. After expenses, I am making a small amount of money each week.

Sometimes, I have 3 and 4 days in a row where I make NO sales. I can’t justify the added expense of the “upgrades” when that information is available elsewhere, for less.

Reach out to Roger? I don’t think so. He could care less…his only advice is to follow the system, watch the videos and wait to retire on the income.

Glad you are all having such success…but if you think it is across the board, you are mistaken.

To clarify, I haven’t seen any issues with eBay closing down any other DS Domination member’s account yet, but from both Professorx and ibjulieb’s posts above, cracks are clearly starting to show in DS Domination’s adopted business model.

What will be interesting to see is if eBay, having investigated ProfessorX’s seller account and identified “selling practices” and a “business model” they’re not comfortable with, will now target other DS Domination member’s eBay accounts.

eBay don’t have a problem with dropshipping per say, so this would appear to be a specific problem related to following DS Domination’s dropshipping advice and training.

I’ll certainly keep my eyes open on this end, and in the meantime stay tuned for a response from DS Domination on ProfessorX’s situation (probably around Monday US time).


Update 25th November 2013 – A DS Domination member raised the issue of ProfessorX’s eBay account getting suspended and received the following reply:

As you can see from even the comments on that page and from other users, this is blatantly false. The user that was suspended was NOT using DSD training, was attempting to use other people’s eBay accounts (hijacking) and was posting items that are specifically advised against in DSD.

As of right now absolutely NO DSD user has been suspended or blocked by eBay for using the Dropshipping model which is perfectly valid by eBay’s own policies.

We are speaking with our attorneys tomorrow to take action against this website’s owner for spreading provable falsehoods (slander and intentional dissemination of falsehoods). Please note that his evidence about this is:

1. A user who in his own words was not using DSD training and got banned for using other people’s accounts/using products that we advise against.

2. A user who is actually making $1000+per month using DSD currently and her complaint was just that she wanted to make more.

You know we have a great company and system when the ‘complaint’ against us is that our users are being successful. Please completely disregard this post, as long as you follow the training correctly you have no reason to fear about your eBay accounts.

If any person does have an issue with their account, we welcome them to open a support ticket. 99% of the time the issue is that they had done something in the past of were doing something against what we teach (like the user in that post).

In the 1% of the cases where there is an issue, we are able to usually help the user recover their eBay account and correct the issue.

Whether DS Domination are threatening to sue the MoneyMakerGroup forum, posters ProfessorX and ibjulieb, BehindMLM or all four parties is unclear.

If ProfessorX was “not using DSD training”, it begs the question of why he’s “sorry he ever came across” the program.

As for ibjulieb, what their point was there is also not clear. We reported it as (presumably) she posted it.

What is clear is ProfessorX has taken issue with DS Domination’s official response. In particular the company’s claim that he supposedly “hijacked” an eBay account.

In a followup directed to another MoneyMakerGroup forum member who accused ProfessorX of being a ‘100% a jealous competitor or a guy who screwed things up himself’, ProfessorX wrote

Now who is spreading false rumors..What hijacking you talking about. Me and my partner have shared an ebay account for years. never an issue TILL NOW.

Thats what i hate about this forum. Any time anyone has an issue people LIKE YOU who’s clear motive is to protect your cash cow always blaming anyone who doesn’t just sing the praises of a program so you can suck more people in.

I talked to ebay today and there response was “Were not going to tell you” which leads me to believe that whatever it is that I may have done wrong was not necessarily against the terms of service but against the spirit of it.

If ebay doesn’t have a problem with any of this then WHY all the sneaking around trying to stay under the radar? unsure.gif

I am well aware that the terms of service says drop shipping is okay..but im pretty sure that they envisioned people drop shipping from a wholesaler and not just taking RETAIL products from there biggest rival and JACKING up the price.

While not technically against the terms of service it does paint ebay in a bad light as it makes them look like the more expensive shopping option compared to Amazon.

If your so confidant in what your doing is right then why don’t you share your Ebay USERNAME with me. I would be MORE than happy to call ebay on your behalf so that they can crawl up your A$$ with a microscope…Lets see what you got to say then.

Common.. I’m waiting Put your money were your mouth is..

In line with the “hush hush we have all the secrets on how to sell Amazon products at a markup on eBay” nature of the business, it appears DS Domination feel discussion relating to member experiences with their training is off-limits.

Despite DS Domination’s apparent objection that this story, we’ll continue to post any further developments.


Update 28th December 2013 – I asked eBay about selling items from Amazon and apparently they have no problem with it. Still waiting on a reply from Amazon with their thoughts on the matter.