ds-domination-logoThe trouble with recruitment-driven schemes is that they rarely survive the two-year mark.

For whatever reason, two years is about the time an MLM opportunity dependent on recruitment begins to falter, if not collapse completely.

Those that survive are usually modified from their initial launch, either by tinkering with the compensation plan, adding something or rebooting the scheme altogether.

In the case of DS Domination, we saw talk about Options Domination surface towards the end of 2014.

The idea behind Options Domination was clearly to sign up DS Domination affiliates to a binary options platform and relive the opportunity’s initial momentum.

How that’s coming along now that Options Domination has launched, I have no idea. But today Roger Langille, one of co-founders of DS Domination unexpectedly bail.

A sign all is not well in the DS Domination camp or just a change of the guard?

Unfortunately Langille’s explanation to the field was sorely lacking in the information department.

In a Facebook post published a few hours ago, Langille explained:

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I must announce I will be leaving DS Domination effective immediately.

Acknowledging that the decision was going to seem abrupt, Langille continued;

I have spent the recent weeks contemplating this decision, all the while carrying out regular activities ( webinars etc).

The timing of this decision would never be perfect, and with the upcoming event it is far from optimum. However, I have coordinated with several people, and they have some amazing things they will be launching in Dallas.

The general tone of Langille’s farewell message was one of regret:

For me it all boiled down to whether or not I was leaving you in capable hands with the ability to help you grow your existing business’.

I had several guest speakers, and snuck onto many team webinars to look over their shoulders. It was then that I once again realized the power of this product.

I must confess over the past year or so I have become numb to all of the success stories.

Honestly, there were just too many. I never had the time to appreciate them. Recently, as I knew I was approaching the end of my stay, they began to truly touch my heart.

I am so proud (tears well up), so proud of all of you. I hope that I have done all that I can to ensure your success’ (both immediate and long term). God bless you, and thank you for believing in me.

So uh, if DS Domination still has so much more to offer, why exactly is Langille abandoning the opportunity he co-founded?

Well that’s where things got awful quiet, with Langille only offering up the following:

My decision is far removed from boredom, money etc. I assure you with the passion I have for helping others it was something very dramatic that has caused this.

I hope that I have earned your trust, and with that , for now I would like to keep the reason for my decision private.

That’s it.

All we know is Langille claims he started to plan his leaving a few weeks ago, and that it purportedly has nothing to do with being bored or money.

Oh and apparently he’s not signing up with another opportunity either, with a followup Facebook post explaining:

I have read a lot of messages from individuals letting me know that they would follow me in whatever I will be promoting. That does mean a lot to me, and I truly appreciate it.

I know that it is classic in this industry to join something else while you still have the attention and the following of others. I have been offered positions in 17 companies to date.

First, I want to assure you I have not joined anything else and have no intention to this year.

So what on Earth is it then?

I think we can probably rule out a family medical emergency, seeing as Hitesh pushed through his son’s cancer battle. But what about Langille himself, has a serious medical issue emerged?

If so, why not just mention it. We’d certainly have an easier time respecting his privacy if it was something serious.

Instead we’re left with a sense of uncertain mystery, as DS Domination hurtles towards that looming two-year anniversary (August).

And we’re not the only ones. Immediate reactions from the DS Domination affiliate-base were mixed.

Wrote some affiliates;

Honestly, I stopped to think for a moment if this wasn’t April 1st.

Can’t say that this isn’t a major shock. I had just left two hours ago and now come home and see your goodbye message to us.

It makes me worry that your leaving. I feel like the company is doing something that you don’t approve of.

Dsd is very boring what next and exciting business will you be joining next ?

And others;

Im truely at a loss for words.

I just died a little inside….

Please tell me you are kidding never thought I’d see the day where DSD and you separate like this…unreal.

It was something very dramatic that caused this and you were at the hospital at 4:30 am a couple of days ago? All I can say is that I’m praying for you and yours.

Thank you for being a visionary and a man of integrity. This industry needed a breath of fresh air and thank God you came along.

Roger, thanks for all your work and selfless sacrifice for us. I hope all is well and wish you the best that life has to offer.

A medical condition fits, but then I’m at a loss as to why Langille didn’t just state what it was and leave it at that.

I’m sure everyone could have put on their maturity caps and accepted Langille needed some time to come to grips with whatever was going down.

David Sharpe’s departure from Empower Network was a perfect example of this, so much so that we didn’t even feel the need to cover it here.

In MLM the strongest relationship a company owner has is with their affiliates. So if you’re going to abandon the field, I think you at least owe them some sort of explanation.

Or am I being unreasonable here?