ds-domination-logoDS Domination launched in 2013 and saw the company sell online dropshipping “how-to”guides. This is bundled with an MLM compensation plan.

The guides are sold retail, with an additional $9.95 fee paying for DS Domination affiliate membership.

Late last year word on the grapevine was that DS Domination were looking to branch out into binary options trading.

This was somewhat of an odd announcement as unlike dropshipping, none of DS Domination’s current management appeared to have any history with binary options.

After the initial announcements there has been a series of delays where the launch of Options Domination has repeatedly been pushed back.

Now, as Options Domination gears up for an actual launch, a third-party binary options signals provider is accusing them of theft.

John Anthony claims to have been involved with binary options trading for a few years now and runs the website “JohnAnthonySignals.com”.

[0:03] I’m the owner and creator of JohnAnthonySignals.com.

I launched a signal service for binary options back in August of last year (2014). Since then it’s grown, we feel to be, the number one binary optional signal provider out there.

I’ve been constantly developing my signals since we launched … and I’ve got a really good team behind me.

Last month, Anthony himself published a YouTube video in which he claims Options Domination are stealing his binary signals.

[00:59] So this morning I woke up … and my inbox just completely blew up, with people saying that I needed to take a close look at a company called Options Domination.

There was serious fear and questions that these guys were copying my signals.

In his video, Anthony provides some pretty compelling evidence. Screenshots of his own signal platform and that of Options Domination reveal multiple identical trade recommendations bearing identical timestamps.

The accompanying description on the video provides even more examples:

Here you will hear the guy say… and i quote… “I just took uh screenshot of OUR results from 19th to the 23rd”:


And then take a look at the Filtered Signals on John Anthony Signals on the same date and surprise surprise we have an EXACT match! (comparison below):






We are yet to discover ANY signals that Options Dominator (sic) are using for marketing hype other than the signals they have copied from my binary options service!

For all intents and purposes, it very much appears that Options Domination are simply feeding Anthony’s service into their own backend.

This certainly would explain how a company with no history of binary options trading is all of a sudden able to put together a binary options platform.

Obviously not happy about having his service ripped off by a third-party charging their own fees to access it, Anthony concludes

[5:00] The point that I’m trying to make … (is) that I offer a good honest system and a good honest service, and if you’re thinking about joining a group like Options Domination, I think you need to think about it.

Like seriously think about it, because they’re not this respectable group that they’re posing to be.

Following the publication of Anthony’s video on February 4th, he claims that DS Domination contacted him and confirmed they were indeed “stealing” his signals:

Options Domination have contacted us and said that they only used our signals as a placeholder on their member only website and that it was not available to the public yet, although I managed to sign up, pay and gain access!

Why DS Domination were marketing Anthony’s signals as their own, and why they were doing this whilst accepting new affiliate memberships is unclear.

Despite the company claiming their service was not open to the public yet, Anthony’s video clearly demonstrates otherwise (he signed up and paid Options Domination $49.99 to access his own options signals).

Looking forward, Options Domination have recently announced a launch date of

As you may recall, 72 hours ago we sent you an email eluding to the now famed March 15th.

We know the majority of you have guessed that March 15th meant the launch of Options Domination.

Outside of the reply Options Domination sent to John Anthony I’ve been unable to find an official corporate response on the matter from Options Domination.

Whether they are still copy and pasting John Anthony’s signals or they’re feeding someone elses signals into their system remains to be seen.


Footnote: The John Anthony video referenced in this article is titled “Options Domination Stealing John Anthony Signals!”. It was uploaded to YouTube on February 4th, 2015.


Update 7th February 2018 – As of February 7th, 2018 the YouTube video referenced in this article has been deleted.