infinii-logoThe major red flag identified in our BehindMLM Infinii review was the company’s Springboard seats securities offering.

In a nutshell, Infinii affiliates were to invest in “seat” positions which would eventually pay out a passive ROI.

Following publication of our review, Infinii removed their official compensation plan documentation. New documentation was made available, with the Springboard seats component removed.

Infinii then went on to host two webinars about the business, with neither mentioning Springboard seats.

This lead to confusion among affiliates and myself, as there was no official announcement regarding Springboard seats being dropped or not (see comments on our Infinii review).

Were they still in the comp plan and just not being mentioned, or had Infinii canned the concept altogether?

In an attempt to suss out whether Kevin Thompson was endorsing Infinii, another of the claims going around, I reached out to Thompson for clarification.

I can now reveal that Infinii have indeed dropped the Springboard seats securities offering.

kevin-thompson-thompson-burtonClarifying the removal of Infinii’s Springboard seats offering, Thompson (right) writes;

Regarding the springboard concept, chalk it up to owners moving too fast too early. I think their recent changes to the idea make it better.

INFINii will be aggregating bulk orders from its members.  When the amount has been hit, it’ll order the inventory and release the inventory to its members.

Members can either (1) get the inventory shipped to their home where they can physically manage it; (2) get the inventory shipped directly to Amazon where they can sell it from their personal Amazon account; or (3) get it shipped to the INFINii warehouse where they can sell it from their INFINii web store.

INFINii is not managing the sale (marketing, price, etc), just the shipping.

I think this is a better concept and will lead to a better sales force that’s prepared to work for their profit.

This is good to see, as quite obviously the Springboard seats offering was delving into unregistered securities territory.

With its removal, Infinii are operating more as a managed dropshipping solution, with affiliates still required to do the legwork.

As to Kevin Thompson endorsing Infinii, here’s where that’s at:

Yes, it happens too often where affiliates draw assumptions based on my representation of various companies.

In this one instance, though, they’d be right.  It’s true that I did and still do endorse INFINii.

I’m running it through a new “Direct Selling Accelerator” program where I along with other vendors get more involved with a good, solid startup.

Based on their business plans along with the owners’ history, it’s clear that customer revenue will be the clear driver (75+%) of the compensation plan.  They’re going to be disclosing the customer numbers soon.

To be clear, Thompson is endorsing Infinii without the previously attached Springboard seats investment offering.

Hopefully clears up the confusion we’ve been having, both on mine and the affiliate side of things (a bunch of Infinii affiliates seem to believe Springboard offers were never a thing).

Why this wasn’t brought up in either of the two lengthy webinars Infinii held over the past two days is unclear. They could have nipped the confusion in the bud but for some reason chose not to.

I’ve made a note on our Infinii review about the Springboard offers having been dropped, but will leave the review intact as the rest of the compensation plan remains unchanged.