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MyCenterBid (Bidify) management now in Crypto888?

Last we checked in, MyCenterBid management were baffled by the lack of affiliates lining up to invest in their platform. Wrote a frustrated management team in 2013: We hear people say that they will be waiting to take action when the auctions are live. Why? We’ve said before – why not use this time to learn [Continue reading…]

NBS push for Norway FSA Towah investigation

It’s hard to get a sense of what happened between Bidify and the payment processor Towah. Starting around mid to early 2012, Bidify affiliates began reporting problems with getting their money out of the payment processor, who cited some investigation that could take “540 days” to get resolved. The details of this investigation are sketchy [Continue reading…]

MyCenterBid baffled by affiliate hesitation

At the heart of the MLM penny auction niche is the idea that retail customers buying bids and participating in auctions provides the bulk of revenue. Take away this core concept and ultimately, regardless of what specific compensation plan a company deploys, all you’re left with is affiliate money being used to pay affiliates. Unfortunately [Continue reading…]

MyCenterBid Review: Bidify v3.0 relaunch

Running a near identical business model, Bidify sprung up in the shadow of the $600M Ponzi scheme Zeek Rewards. When Zeek Rewards was shut down by the SEC in mid 2012, Bidify immediately went into crisis management and responded by scrapping the Ponzi points model. Two compensation plan changes were released in the space of [Continue reading…]

Bidify abandon the US, move operations to Europe

When we last checked in on the MLM business side of Bidify, the company had undergone several compensation plan revisions and finally settled on what was still a primarily affiliate-funded ROI scheme. Slightly different from Zeek Rewards model, it was seen more as a grey area that worked loopholes in that the possibility for affiliates [Continue reading…]

Bidify silence former Bidsson CEO Albert Liske

These guys know what I have and are terrified and desperate. Rest assured (Bidify Fraud) will not go offline until there is creditable news reports that all of these guys are headed to jail. -Albert Liske, former CEO of Bidsson Just over two weeks ago explosive allegations uploaded with tangible proof began appearing on the [Continue reading…]

Bidify calls in lawyers on ex-CEO Albert Liske

What began as a day I thought I’d spend focusing my attention on analysis of the recent FTC bust of the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing pyramid scheme with Herbalife’s business model, has quickly turned into covering the ongoing accusations between Bidify and former Bidsson CEO, Albert Liske. Liske’s latest installment of the saga fires shots directly at [Continue reading…]

Bidify respond to Albert Liske’s Ponzi allegations

They might have taken their sweet time rolling out Bidify and Bidsson 2.0 and have had absolutely no luck in resolving their Towah payment issues over the last few months, but within hours of Albert Liske’s latest Ponzi scheme allegations against the company going live, Bidify has responded to Liske’s claims.

Bidify under siege from former Bidsson CEO

Following much pomp and ceremony over their appointments by Bidify management, late last year saw the abrupt resignation of Bidsson’s CEO Albert Liske and VP Christopher Robinson. Liske and Robinson had barely been in their new roles for two months so naturally much speculation arose as to why the two suddenly left. Bidify, the MLM [Continue reading…]

Blue Bird Bids autobidding bot mystery deepens…

Bogus Bidders: Bots and Shills Some dishonest auction sites use bid bots, which are computer programs that automatically bid on behalf of the website. And some fraudulent sites achieve the same effect using human shills. You may be seconds away from winning an auction when another user places a bid. That keeps the clock ticking, [Continue reading…]