crypto-888-club-logoLast we checked in, MyCenterBid management were baffled by the lack of affiliates lining up to invest in their platform.

Wrote a frustrated management team in 2013:

We hear people say that they will be waiting to take action when the auctions are live.

Why? We’ve said before – why not use this time to learn how everything works and start creating momentum? It’s almost like being in prelaunch where everybody has a huge advantage..

Make sure you take action NOW regardless of fully understanding the compensation plan or not.

There is a lot of new information to read and digest, DO IT NOW! Don’t wait.

NOW is the time you should take action.

A trip to the MyCenterBid website today reveals the domain is parked, which means the company was shut down.

So what are MyCenterBid management up to these days?

For those unfamiliar with the scheme, MyCenterBid began life as Bidify, a Zeek Rewards penny auction Ponzi clone.

Based out of Europe, Bidify management became spooked after the SEC shut down Zeek. This prompted a rushed attempt at a retail-orientated business model.

For obvious reasons, pushing a legitimate business model onto Ponzi investors didn’t work. Thus it wasn’t long before Bidify relaunched the same Ponzi scam they were running before.

Unfortunately for them the world at large by that stage had a greater understanding of the Ponzi points business model, and so Bidify and its subsequent incarnations as MyCenterBid flopped.

Frode Jorgensen was the face of Bidify, serving officially as Chief Creative Officer.

Jorgensen was never formally credited as an owner of the company, but is believed to have been instrumental in setting up, operation and marketing of Bidify (and MyCenterBid).

Since MyCenterBid collapsed, Jorgensen has been MIA.

A few days ago however, this popped up on the Crypto 888 Club Facebook page:


That’s Jorgensen on the left there, at a Crypto 888 Club “leadership event” in Manila, Philippines. On the right is Rocco DiBenedett, one of Bidify’s top investors.

One Crypto 888 Club affiliate captioned the photo “The great leaders of Crypto888 Club”.

BehindMLM reviewed Crypto 888 Club in April, concluding that it was yet another MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi points scheme.

That Jorgensen and DiBenedett have gotten involved, speaks for itself.

I mean we could ignore Crypto 888 Club’s business model and beat around the bush about it being a Ponzi scheme, but at the end of the day the Ponzi points model is what Bidify itself was initially modeled on.

That those involved in it have now jumped into Crypto 888 Club obviously comes as no surprise.

Many people lost money in Bidify and CenterBid. Or rather, through the opportunity, had their funds calculatedly stolen from them by the likes of Jorgensen and DiBenedett.

Here we go again…