nano-club-logoFollowing an internal investigation, the Swedish Gaming Board has concluded that Nano Club is most likely a scam.

On December 1st the Gaming Board reported Nano Club (Octanium Ltd) to police for breaches of the Lottery Act, with respect to  the organization of a chain letter game (pyramid scheme).

The Gaming Board believes that Nano Club’s operation is based on recruiting new participants to increase a participants’ profit.

The overall assessment of the business is that there are reasons to believe that Nano Club is a chain letter game or similar.

BehindMLM reviewed Nano Club in September and found it to be a third-generation Ponzi scheme, following Crypto 888 Club and OctaPartners before it.


Update 4th July 2024 – Spanish authorities have arrested an unnamed suspect Belgian authorities claim is the ringleader behind Crypto 888 Club and Nano Club.