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Crowd1 pyramid & Ponzi failings exposed by BBC Africa Eye

BBC Africa Eye has premiered a documentary exposing Crowd1 as a pyramid cum failed Ponzi scheme. Aware of the BBC’s upcoming documentary, Crowd1 executives have issued a non-response response video of their own.

Crowd1 permanently banned in Philippines, appeal denied

Crowd1’s appeal to the Philippine SEC has been denied. Effective immediately, Crowd1 is permanently banned in the Philippines.

Crowd1 attempts to legitimize Ponzi with products

Rather than address securities fraud warnings issued around the globe, Crowd1 is pressing ahead with “but we have products!” pseudo-compliance. In a corporate blog post dated July 7th, Crowd1 announced partnerships with LifeTRNDS, SAfer and Tribute.

Crowd1 & QNet banned in Côte d’Ivoire for being scams

Authorities in Côte d’Ivoire have banned Crowd1 and QNet. The stated reason for the ban is both companies operate as scams and facilitate money laundering.

South Africa’s NCC finally announces Crowd1 investigation

Regulators are belatedly turning up the heat on Crowd1 in South Africa. The latest regulatory body to announce it is investigating the Ponzi scheme is the National Consumer Commission (NCC).

Official Crowd1 fraud warning from South Africa’s FSCA

Following confirmation on Twitter that Crowd1 operates illegally in South Africa, the FSCA has now issued a formal statement.

South African authorities confirm Crowd1 operating illegally

After doing nothing for almost a year while the Crowd1 Ponzi scheme spread like wildfire, South African authorities have clarified the company operates illegally. Well, sort of.

Crowd1, OneLink & Vitae fraud warnings issued in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Competition and Consumer Protection Department has issued fraud warnings against Crowd1 and OneLink.

Crowd1 warning issued across Africa (investors mad)

A Crowd1 investment warning has been issued across Central Africa. In related news Crowd1 investors in South Africa are upset at the company’s latest round of low payouts.

Crowd1 securities fraud warning issued in New Zealand

A Crowd1 securities fraud warning has been issued by New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority.