Crowd1 CEO Johan Stael von Holstein has abandoned Crowd1 and its investors.

The abrupt announcement was made earlier today, via a press-release issued by Mattias Tönnheim

Tönnheim works for Crowd1 PR. As per his press-release;

As of November 23, 2020, Johan Staël von Holstein steps down as CEO and sole administrator of TIM and leaves both the Crowd1 and the ICT organization due to health reasons.

That’s not a typo. Crowd1 has backdated Holstein doing a runner to late November.

Whether that’s factual or not is unclear. Previously Holstein (right) denied being Crowd1’s CEO, despite an avalanche of evidence to the contrary.

At a Crowd1 event held in January 2020, Holstein took to the stage to present a ‘3 to 5-year plan to bring Crowd1 into the NASDAQ and become a publicly-traded company.’

We know that sounds laughable for a Ponzi scheme, but that’s what Holstein pitched.

Getting back to Crowd1’s press-release;

Of course both I and the board respect Johan’s decision, but at the same time, we think it’s a shame to lose a strong personality with a lot of knowledge.

In any case, we would like to thank Johan for his valuable contributions to Crowd1 and wish him good health and all the best for the future, says Jonas Werner, founder of Crowd1.

Holstein is being replaced by Johan Westerdahl (right), promoted up from Crowd1’s Chief Commercial Officer.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Westerdahl is based out of Malmo, Sweden. Holstein had run Crowd1 with Jonas Werner from Spain.

Westerdahl’s last public appearance was Crowd1’s bullshit sandwich response to BBC Africa Eye’s exposé.

Whether Holstein had fled Spain is unclear. For their part Crowd1 has advised;

No further comments will be made on the above issue at this point.

The “issue” being Holstein’s departure.

Holstein taking his stolen Crowd1 investor funds and doing a runner, comes against a backdrop of increasing regulatory heat.

In the last week alone Crowd1 has received three securities fraud warnings across Europe (Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic).

All in all twelve countries have issued securities fraud warnings against Crowd1. Unfortunately neither Spain or Sweden have taken any action, at least not publicly.

Pending any further developments, we’ll keep you posted.


Update 13th February 2024 – Not much going on at Crowd1 (which now goes by C1 because marketing).

As of February 2023, Johan Westerdahl is out as CEO. The position is now held by Martin Bylsma (right).

Bylsma, from Norway, is known to BehindMLM through Bitcoin Economy (cash gifting), Wellstar (pyramid scheme) and WeROn (Ponzi scheme).