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Cforth Review: Mark Seyforth ditches Crowd1, steals exec

Back in July 2020 Mark Seyforth hitched his company LifeTRNDS to Crowd1. Crowd1 is a Dubai-based Ponzi scheme run by Swedish national Jonas Werner. Seyforth getting into bed with Crowd1 was a mutually beneficial arrangement; Crowd1 crowed about having products, Seyforth received a cut of money stolen through the Ponzi. As of mid 2021, Seyforth [Continue reading…]

19 Decentra Ponzi promoters arrested in Philippines

Nineteen Decentra promoters have been arrested in the Philippines. The arrests preceded a securities fraud warning issued against the Ponzi scheme on June 13th.

Kenny Nordlund confirms ongoing Crowd 1 payment delays

As has been made painfully obvious over the past few weeks, there’s only one reason an MLM Ponzi scheme stops paying out. This can manifest itself first with withdrawal delays, but that’s not always the case. Crowd1 is one MLM Ponzi that’s first ran into withdrawal delays in 2020. Apparently the problem has gotten so [Continue reading…]

Crowd1 permanent fraud ban reaffirmed in Philippines

The Philippine SEC has issued a press-release reminding consumers that the Crowd1 Ponzi scheme remains banned across the country.

Metaversy: Crowd1 migrates virtual shares fraud to crypto

With its Digital Partners Network Ponzi in tatters, Crowd1 has revealed its next Ponzi play: Metaversy. Metaversy is a new blockchain based trading game where you as a player can trade virtual shares in companies which only exist in the Metaverse! This will be the most revolutionary game you’ll ever play! At the cutting edge [Continue reading…]

Crowd1 promoters arrested in India

Two Crowd1 promoters in India’s south-west have been arrested. Authorities in Kerala allege suspects “Joshy” and “Berson” stole over ten million rupees (~$130,000 USD).

Crowd1 pays off Emerge Gaming for Miggster Ponzi partnership

Crowd1 has “purchased” Miggster off Ponzi collaborator Emerge Gaming. As per an agreement reached in early March, Nibiru e-Gaming AB will acquire Miggster for $5 million AUD (~$3.75 million USD).

OnPassive & Crowd1 illegal pyramid schemes in Bhutan

OnPassive and Crowd1 have been declared pyramid schemes by Bhutan’s Office of Consumer Protection. The OCP is part of Bhutan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and is “mandated to promote and protect economic interest and safety of the consumers”. As per the OCP’s OnPassive and Crowd1 warning;

Crowd1, HyperFund & Solmax Global illegal in Nepal

Nepal’s top financial regulator has issued an illegality warning against Crowd1, HyperFund and Solmax Global.

Digital Partners Network claims Crowd1 ties are defamatory

Digital Partners Network claims reporting on its partnership with Crowd1 is defamatory.