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Alcacor Review: Crowd1 scammer launches own Dubai Ponzi

Alcacor operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche. Heading up Alcacor is Director Magnus Larsson. Larsson is a former promoter of the Crowd1 Ponzi scheme. Crowd1 was launched by Swedish national Jonas Werner in 2019. The Ponzi scheme has pitched passive returns through numerous ruses over the years. Crowd1 spent most of 2022 coming up with [Continue reading…]

Crowd1 corporate raid and arrests in Sweden

Swedish authorities raided Crowd1’s corporate offices last November. The previously unreported news was disclosed in a recent episode of Svenska Dagbladet’s paywalled Blenda podcast.

United Power Up Review: Another Crowd1 spinoff Ponzi

United Power Up fails to provide ownership or executive information on its website. United Power Up’s website domain (“”), was privately registered on June 14th, 2022. Further research reveals affiliates citing Sverker Caron as United Power Up’s CEO: Up until early 2022, Sverker Caron was Head of Product Development for the Crowd1 Ponzi scheme. Caron [Continue reading…]

Star Horizon: Crowd1 scammers launch spinoff Ponzi

It’s no secret that Crowd1 has all but collapsed. ROI withdrawals collapsed almost two years ago. Recruitment kept Crowd1 going, but that’s devolved into Russians and Ukrainians scamming eachother. Outside of eastern Europe, Crowd1 is dead. Crowd1’s collapse has prompted executives and top promoters to abandon ship. A week ago BehindMLM documented the departure of [Continue reading…]

Top promoter George van Wijk claims Crowd1 “unfair & unsafe”

In a communication to his downline, top promoter George van Wijk has claimed Crowd1 is “unfair and unsafe”.

Cforth Review: Mark Seyforth ditches Crowd1, steals exec

Back in July 2020 Mark Seyforth hitched his company LifeTRNDS to Crowd1. Crowd1 is a Dubai-based Ponzi scheme run by Swedish national Jonas Werner. Seyforth getting into bed with Crowd1 was a mutually beneficial arrangement; Crowd1 crowed about having products, Seyforth received a cut of money stolen through the Ponzi. As of mid 2021, Seyforth [Continue reading…]

19 Decentra Ponzi promoters arrested in Philippines

Nineteen Decentra promoters have been arrested in the Philippines. The arrests preceded a securities fraud warning issued against the Ponzi scheme on June 13th.

Kenny Nordlund confirms ongoing Crowd 1 payment delays

As has been made painfully obvious over the past few weeks, there’s only one reason an MLM Ponzi scheme stops paying out. This can manifest itself first with withdrawal delays, but that’s not always the case. Crowd1 is one MLM Ponzi that’s first ran into withdrawal delays in 2020. Apparently the problem has gotten so [Continue reading…]

Crowd1 permanent fraud ban reaffirmed in Philippines

The Philippine SEC has issued a press-release reminding consumers that the Crowd1 Ponzi scheme remains banned across the country.

Metaversy: Crowd1 migrates virtual shares fraud to crypto

With its Digital Partners Network Ponzi in tatters, Crowd1 has revealed its next Ponzi play: Metaversy. Metaversy is a new blockchain based trading game where you as a player can trade virtual shares in companies which only exist in the Metaverse! This will be the most revolutionary game you’ll ever play! At the cutting edge [Continue reading…]