Luigi Bruni’s life after CashFX Group is providing insight into how the Ponzi scheme continued to recruit new victims, despite denying withdrawals for close to a year.

Like any MLM Ponzi scheme, CashFX Group owner and CEO Huascar Lopez kept most of the money for himself.

He also paid top affiliates $20,000 a month to keep them recruiting new victims into the scheme.

Addressing people who keep asking him why he left CashFX Group, Bruni wrote;

Reason 1:

10 months of no withdraws for the community.

Reason 2:

The CEO was using all our funds to invest in his personal projects around the world.

Reason 3:

The CEO (Huascar Lopez) was paying me and all the other Presidents and Ambassadors 20K dollars a month to shut up and keep all the other members quite [sic].

Reason 4:

My partner (Justin Halladay), who was a very good friend, became a complete moron after making millions.

He spent his time telling everyone to shut up and kicking members out left and right.

I had a BTC wallet with that partner with a lot o money in that wallet and he stole it all, I trust him and he became a thief.

He also introduced me to his business associate who made me invest a lot of money in 3 projects and is now trying to scam be out of all that money.

Reason 5:

I flew to Panama 4 months ago with 5 Presidents to confront the CEO and ask him what (why) he was not paying out.

One of the Presidents asked the CEO, “Can you please at least pay out the month o January, so people have money to live?”

He (Huascar Lopez) responded, “If you are not happy you get the fuck out of here and I will keep your downline”.

Are you serious, what planet does this idiot come from?

Reason 6:

He (Huascar Lopez) has no intention of paying back all that monopoly money you see in your back offices.

His plan is to lead as many members as he can to phase 2 with crumbs along the way.

He might one day have the card (?) and let everyone withdraw a little bit o money until phase 2 i you are lucky.

But in the end, he will never give you all that money you see in your backoffice.

Once phase 2 opens he will close phase 1 and you can all kiss your money goodbye.

Reason 7:

I also saw many other big leaders getting kicked out and getting their accounts confiscated.

Reason 8:

Please be careful of CEO and leaders who talk about religion and business, run away from them.


I was the only top leader who had the balls to leave and tell him to shove his (Huascar Lopez’s) 20K a month up his. Hahhahah!!!!!

After stealing millions with Halladay through Cloud Token and CashFX Group, Bruni left CashFX Group last month.

The catalyst for Bruni’s departure is believed to be Halladay seizing the CashFX Group Master Distributor account he and Bruni shared.

Bruni is now actively recruiting investors into the Alya Finance Ponzi scheme, and Youngevity’s 8 Minute Trader.

Halladay, who presumably continues to be paid hush money by Lopez, has not publicly explained Bruni’s departure or alleged theft of what was left in the Master Distributor account.

One thing I can attest to is Halladay flooding his social media with religious posts, after he managed to steal millions through CashFX Group.

Halladay’s religious postings increased in frequency as CashFX Group disabled withdrawals and switched to hush money leader payments.

For the most part Halladay doesn’t mention CashFX Group by name on his social media. This has been the case since withdrawals were disabled.

The current CashFX Group situation is affiliates who aren’t being paid hush money continue to receive numbers on a screen they can’t withdraw.

Phase 2 is some nonsense about a new trading platform. This doesn’t address the millions CashFX Group investors, both past and present, have lost.

After he disabled withdrawals, Huascar Lopez fled the Dominican Republic last year under the guise of taking a vacation in Italy.

Lopez hasn’t been seen or heard in public for months. Halladay, who last year uprooted his family to join Lopez in South America, returned to Florida.

A large percentage of CashFX Group victims are believed to be US residents. To date US authorities have not taken any action against CashFX Group, Lopez, Halladay or Bruni.

As tracked by SimilarWeb, CashFX Group’s website traffic dropped by a third month on month between June and July.

The website still receives over a million visits a month, the vast majority of which are investors desperate for news on withdrawals.

Recruitment has collapsed across the board, with the majority of CashFX Group’s website visits originating from the UK (34%), Norway (8%), South Africa (6%), Australia (5%) and the US (4%).


Update 26th August 2022 – Thirteen $20,000 a month hush money payments have been confirmed.

The payments began in late May and have been paid out at the end of each month.