CashFX Group has suspended affiliate withdrawals, just in time for the shopping season.

Last Friday CashFX Group disabled withdrawals and sent the following communication out to investors (click to enlarge):

You may have noticed over the past 4 days that the withdrawals process has slowed.

This is due to an aggressive online attempted attack.

The attackers were not successful as our cyber security measures kept them from gaining any access.

We typically never share cyberattack details with the membership because there is no reason to worry you – especially with the safety measure that has been in place since the inception of CFX.

So why mention a security item if the team continues to keep every member safe?

Because during this process, withdraws had to be temporarily halted.

Knowing enabling and disabling withdrawals is as simple as pressing a button, I held off on reporting to see if the suspension was indeed temporary.

As of Monday November 22nd, CashFX Group withdrawals remain disabled.

Naturally nothing in the provided explanation makes any sense. Cyber criminals attacked something, the attack was unsuccessful, but we’re disabling withdrawals because reasons.

With the week leading up Black Friday traditionally marking the start of shopping season, this is the time of year MLM Ponzi schemes experience elevated withdrawals.

That’s the reason CashFX Group has disabled withdrawals.

CashFX Group withdrawals has exceeded new investment for most of 2020. Withdrawal delays were first reported in late May.

CashFX Group’s initial response was to threaten to terminate anyone who complained.

KYC was later introduced in an attempt to slow down withdrawal requests.

Since then CashFX Group withdrawal requests have been delayed two to three months at a time.

Cool and normal. What you’d expect from a legitimate business.