Cloud Token collapsed during October of last year.

Rather than just admit the company’s withdrawals exceeded investment and collapsed, admin Ronald Aai has been stringing investors along for months.

After deleting his social media profiles and disappearing earlier this year, Aai has appeared in a new video update.

Instead of just admitting Cloud Token was a Ponzi scheme and collapsed though, Aai is blaming withdrawal problems on hackers, COVID-19 and the authorities.

Appearing from an unknown location and sitting in front of a green screen, Aai (right) begins his excuses with hackers.

[1:42] I believe that there are a lot of attacks that is happening to hit our servers.

But because of (server) architecture that’s been done, it’s also a bit difficult for the attackers to actually hit.

So I believe that some people employed another tactic … which is to physically gain access to my devices, in order to access the servers to bring it down, or to access it and things like that.

[2:29] We are still in the midst of trying to figure out whether is there any compromise on the system itself.

Aai claims the incident (which isn’t specified) has been referred to “the authorities”. No specific details are provided.

Elsewhere on the internet, Cloud Token investors are circulating a much more dramatic story.

On the 30th of April, Ronald Aai was assaulted and kept captive by a group of people who stormed into his dwelling.

We are happy to announce that he is now safe and unharmed, and is even back at work.

The criminals however did force their way into Ronald’s computer, and stole both his and some other Cloud 2.0 members personal security keys, assets and also damage computers, smartphones and cold storage wallets.

The Taiwan prosecutor has filed a case to investigate and identify those involved. Strong legal action will be taken against them immediately.

Considering Aai is based out Malaysia and run/ran Cloud Token from Singapore, why Taiwan is involved is unclear.

Surely such a crime would be investigated domestically? Unless of course Aai has fled Malaysia and Singapore for Taiwan… but who can keep up with the story.

Anyhoo, next up we have COVID-19.

[7:00] So it’s May, we have lost a good deal of … at least four months on our plan due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

All of this has caused a lot of delays.

Which is followed up by the revelation “authorities” have supposedly frozen Cloud Token investor funds.

[7:29] The funds that is supposed to be released is now frozen by authorities, due to complaints and things like that.

Pretending that he’s not sitting on a pile of investor funds, Aai claims he’s personally bearing the cost of keeping what’s left of Cloud Token running.

Looking forward, while it’s been impossible to withdraw real money out of Cloud Token for over half a year, now CTO token returns are also being disabled.

[10:25] Due to the recent happenings, I have to stop the CTO payouts, and the community payout in CTOs, in order to ensure that the system is not compromised.

Eights months after Cloud Token collapsed and stopped paying ROI withdrawals, Aai continues to beg investors for “more time”.