The drawn out exit-scam following CashFX Group’s collapse continues.

The latest has seen top investor accounts terminated. The scammers that own the accounts are crying over their “losses”.

In one of her now deleted marketing videos, Tanya Jennings inadvertently “leaked” CashFX Group’s shuffling of investor funds around.

Jennings is a top Australian promoter of CashFX Group. She sits in James Curtis’ downline.

Curtis is a top CashFX Group promoter from the UK.

Between them, Curtis and Jennings are suspected of making hundreds of thousands recruiting CashFX Group victims.

James started with Cash FX late February 2020, buying a $500 pack  and has not put a single additional penny into the business since joining.

His $500 pack has now turned into a $100,000 pack within 15 months and he is currently earning a very substantial income from both the trading side and the business side (recruiting).

Addressing his termination, Curtis sent this out to his CashFX Group victims;

I joined CFX like most of you, as a business that … seemed to be real and legit.

The first year seemed to be really good and there didn’t seem to be any issues with withdrawals.

However as most of you will know that is not the case today iwth a lot of people now waiting up to 12 months for a withdrawal.

I thought I would let all of you know that I am no longer in CFX.

CFX (is) very angry and … have suspended people’s accounts for no valid reason with unfounded accusations of cross pitching.

As a result of these accusations, last week both Tanya and myself were removed from the Dictator’s Chat!

This week Tanya informed me that she had $144,034 from her balance withdrawn by the company out of her $100K account and that her account had been suspended.

The next day I logged into my own account and I had $228,000 withdrawn from my balance by the company and my $100k account was also suspended.

We have both sent messages via Telegram chat direct to Huascar Lopez – CEO of Cash FX Group requesting an explanation.

To date our messages have been read but have been totally ignored with no response or any official correspondence from the company.

In writing this I still have had no correspondence from the company, which doesn’t surprise me being that the company never seem to communicate with any of its members. I think this is disgusting!

Tanya and I were owed nearly $1 million in withdraws that has now gone back to the company with CFX already illegally withdrawing $372,034 from both our accounts without our permission being we are under a contract with the company that they have broken.

This amount is peanuts compared to what could be now over a billion dollars owing to the approx. 400,000 CFX members.

Unfortunately many have used their life savings to purchase a “trade pack” and have been sold a ticket to the promise land of financial freedom.

As a result legal action will now be taken and a liquidation order will be filed against CFX as they have broken these contracts with no proof, no written correspondence to us from corporate and certainly no valid reason.

I would just like to also mention, legally a company cannot dictate to its members what they can or cannot do outside of the company as we are not employees of CFX.

There are very many thousands of you in the team very frustrated waiting on withdrawals, some of you now have been wiating as long as 12 months!

To my utter horror, I have recently been informed that the Presidents and above in CFX have actually been paid regularly each month, which explains why most Presidents and above have remained so calm during the withdraw delays.

This is beyond unethical and is sickening to hear, especially while so many team members are struggling financially and have not been paid for so long.

Let’s not forget, to date the company hasn’t produced any audited reports to prove the company is actually trading which is a legal requirement.

I wish you all the very best and all the success … and I hope you are able to get some of your money paid to you by CFX.

My whole team and future incomes now conveniently roll up to Justin Halladay to reap the rewards of mine and your hard work.

I will be closing this group in the next 24 to 48 hrs.

Ah, Ponzi scammers getting scammed by Ponzi schemes. You hate to see it.

Make no mistake, Curtis, who claims he’s been in MLM for “over 30 years”, knew CashFX Group was a Ponzi scheme when he signed up.

Curtis knew CashFX Group was a Ponzi scheme as recruited thousands into it. And he’s now still refusing to admit it’s a Ponzi scheme, even as he and Jennings are cut off from imaginary backoffice balances that don’t exist.

And obviously nobody is going to court over stolen monopoly money funds in a Ponzi scheme.

Anyone still in CashFX Group knows the Ponzi scheme collapsed around November 2021. Top investors, like Curtis and Jennings, initially pretended everything was fine.

As the months and excuses dragged on, one by one CashFX Group’s top recruiters went silent and started disassociating themselves with the Ponzi scheme.

This culminated in Luigi Bruni’s messy divorce from Justin Halladay. As joint beneficiaries of the top non-admin CashFX Group investment position, Bruni and Halladay together have stolen millions.

Bruni is suspected of being cut off following promotion of other MLM opportunities, one of which BehindMLM has confirmed is a Ponzi scheme. The other is a trading MLM opportunity committing securities fraud.

Bruni is busy funneling CashFX Group investors into 8 Minute Trader. Not surprisingly, Curtis and Jennings had their CashFX Group accounts suspended over the same conduct.

There appears to currently be two camps in CashFX Group. Those following Bruni into 8 Minute Trader and various scams, and those who think CashFX Group is going to pull millions of dollars out of thin air to pay ROI balances that don’t exist.

Bruni funnelling CashFX Group scammers into 8 Minute Trader is interesting. The potential exposure parent company Youngevity are subjecting their established MLM business to can’t be understated.

BehindMLM has reviewed 8 Minute Trader and can confirm it’s not a Ponzi scheme. The usual criteria for an MLM opportunity to qualify as securities fraud is also absent; there’s no automated trading component in the current offering.

There are different types of securities fraud though and, for their part, Youngevity don’t seem concerned.

Shills on YouTube reduce 8 Minute Trader to a “62% in 8 minutes” or “daily 1% to 10%” ROI scheme:

At the very least these are potential violations of Section 5 of the FTC Act, falling under deceptive or unfair earnings claims.

If Sal Leto’s signals bot generates widespread losses for the majority of 8 Minute Trader customers, that’s not something Youngevity is likely to recover from.

It’s a lot of trust to put in someone with ties to OneCoin, perhaps now the most notorious MLM Ponzi scheme of all time. Toss in Bruni and other Ponzi scammers and well… the stakes are high.

While you can pay a dentist to clean and whiten up your teeth, cleansing the greed of a Ponzi scammer is far more difficult.

Bruni has built his reputation on scamming people through Ponzi schemes, and so alongside 8 Minute Trader we have Alya Finance and EnviFX & Automated Capital.

Alya Finance is your typical MLM crypto shitcoin Ponzi scheme. Envi FX and Automated Capital is a US based company committing securities fraud.

As with potential securities law and FTC Act violations, Youngevity don’t seem fussed their 8 Minute Trader affiliates are simultaneously promoting scams.

Over on Justin Halladay’s side of CashFX Group, you have a top earner who knows CashFX Group is dead but continues to play along.

Halladay fell off the CashFX Group bandwagon around early to mid 2021 – although he still continued to receive stolen investor funds.

I’m not sure on what the financial arrangement between Halladay and Huascar Lopez is/was, but at one point he even relocated his family down to the Dominican Republic.

Halladay has since dragged his family back to the US.

Like Bruni, CashFX Group’s collapse has seen Halladay explore other income opportunities.

Unlike Bruni though, Halladay started this much earlier.

For the better part of a year, Halladay has been shilling various NFT scams:

He does this through NFTAddictz.

Halladay’s NFTAddictz wallet currently holds 863 worthless NFTs.

The latest NFTAddictz grift is some bottom-of-the-barrel metaverse scheme:

Justin Halladay’s team is building five play-to-earn games, in which players can earn currency.

“One of them is called the Crypto Casino,” Halladay says.

“We’re building a casino that you’ll be able to engage with in Minecraft. If you like going to the casino, you’ll be able to play the slots and blackjack and roulette to win tokens.”

Tokens are crypto coins that can also be used for exclusive experiences and content, custom character NFTs, and other content and perks.

Halladay explains, “People will be able to play our games and generate crypto coins as they reach certain levels. I’m excited about that one.”

Mojang Studios, owned by Microsoft, banned NFTs and blockchain from Minecraft last month. Whatever Halladay’s latest scam is, it’s got nothing to do with Minecraft.

Also seeing as Minecraft is primarily a kids game, Halladay wanting to integrate a literal crypto casino into it is particularly disturbing.

Looking at Halladay’s and Bruni’s conduct side by side, Huascar Lopez appears to have drawn a line in the sand with MLM opportunities.

That is, in light of CashFX Group collapsing, Bruni and Halladay were free to promote other scams – so long as they weren’t MLM.

While Bruni’s walked away, Halladay looks set to stick around as long he continues to be paid off.

It otherwise makes zero sense to stick around a collapsed Ponzi you stopped openly promoting over a year ago.

Whatever the arrangement is, it’s driven Halladay to a mid-life crisis.

He’s spent the past year buying toys, getting tatted up and posting about religion on social media.

Halladay seems to think that after stealing millions through Ponzi schemes, paying lip-service to God is the road to salvation.

Unlike Luigi Bruni’s rotten teeth, cleansing one’s soul isn’t so simple. And such to the extent Halladay isn’t drenched in religious hypocrisy, he no doubt knows it.

You won’t find Exodus 20:15, “Thou Shalt Not Steal.” on Halladay’s FaceBook timeline.

As to CashFX Group CEO Huascar Lopez, what began as a vacation to Italy has now, retrospectively, emerged as the beginnings of an exit-scam.

CashFX Group’s last public corporate event was last November, just after they first disabled withdrawals.

Lopez now hasn’t been seen in public for months. His current location and status are unknown.