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Funky Shark fined $40,000 by Montana CSI

Following the SEC shutdown of the $600M Zeek Rewards MLM penny auction Ponzi scheme, we’ve seen a flurry of new MLM penny auctions launched – with most toting similarly dubious compensation plans to that which Zeek Rewards used. For whatever reason, most of these penny auctions have announced or are in the process of going [Continue reading…]

Bidify v2.0 Review: Relaunch of a Ponzi scheme

Almost a month ago to the day, the newly appointed CEO (Albert Liske) and VP (Christopher Robinson) of Bidsson (Bidify’s penny auction platform) suddenly and without explanation resigned from their respective posts. To date these resignations have not been explained by Bidify, despite promising to do so. Possibly indicating a conflict of opinion on the [Continue reading…]

Bidify to return to Ponzi scheme roots?

Three days ago Bidsson’s recently appointed CEO quit the company and announced the newly revamped Bidsson 2.0 auctions would be going live ‘in the next few days‘ (which hasn’t happened yet). No explanation as to why Liske abruptly ditched Bidsson was provided and within twenty four hours of the announcement going live on the official [Continue reading…]

New Bidsson CEO and VP quit after 2 months. Why?

Just under two months ago Bidify made the announcement on September 5th that they’d hired Albert Liske as the new CEO and Christopher Robinson as the new VP of Bidify’s Bidsson penny auctions. In a press release announcing the hiring, Bidify heralded the decision to hire Liske and Robinson as proof that Bidify’s ‘commitment to [Continue reading…]

Funky Shark abandoned over penny auction concerns

One of the hot topics that has been discussed ever since Zeek Rewards merged a penny auction with a MLM compensation plan has been the viability of the penny auctons themselves. Despite Zeek Rewards (the largest MLM penny auction company to date) claiming that their auctions were wildly profitable and able to support a MLM [Continue reading…]

Bidify affiliates going on “recruitment strike”?

Immediately after the Zeek Rewards Ponzi collapse, Bidify pulled their compensation plan offline with the mindset that their plan as it was then would also most likely be seen as a Ponzi scheme by US authorities. Ditching the Ponzi points style compensation they had in favour of a retail sale of bids style plan, Bidify [Continue reading…]

Bidify launch second compensation plan in a week

In the wake of the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme being shut down by the SEC, rival penny auction Bidify almost immediately shut down their own similar Ponzi points compensation plan announcing that they’d be bringing out a more “traditional” MLM focused plan shortly. A few days later Bidify relaunched with what I’m calling v2.0 of [Continue reading…]

Bidify relaunch with “traditional” MLM comp plan

Foreword: On the 28th of August Bidify made some additional changes to their compensation plan. In order to catalogue the changes, the original Bidify compensation plan shall be referred to as v1.0, the changes in this article reflect v2.0 and the new changes v3.0.   Following the SEC take down of Zeek Rewards for running [Continue reading…]

Bidify scrap Ponzi points compensation plan

Following the aftermath of the collapse of Zeek Rewards, much attention has now been focused on the MLM penny auctions still standing. With the money rolling into Zeek it didn’t take long for a slew of copy-cat competitors to spring up. Grab a penny auction script, engage some drop-ship suppliers (or just use Amazon) and [Continue reading…]

Bidify executive an active Zeek Rewards affiliate?

Back in January 2011 Zeek Rewards launched what was to be the first combination of a MLM investment based hybrid compensation plan with a penny auction front-end. The amount of revenue generated as affiliates flocked to the company and threw money at it didn’t go unnoticed in the industry and roughly one year later in [Continue reading…]