These guys know what I have and are terrified and desperate.

Rest assured (Bidify Fraud) will not go offline until there is creditable news reports that all of these guys are headed to jail.

-Albert Liske, former CEO of Bidsson


Just over two weeks ago explosive allegations uploaded with tangible proof began appearing on the “Bidify Fraud” website. The content initially appeared to be published by former Bidsson CEO Albert Liske, which was later confirmed to be true.

In a rush to silence Liske and put a stop to his continued publishing of damning evidence against the business practices of Bidify and Bidsson, Bidify turned to their lawyers over at Thompson Burton who put out a public statement on what they referred to as “mudslinging”.

The statement failed to address any of the specific allegations Liske had made against the company. Instead, dismissing Liske as a “disgruntled executive” and attempting to shift attention away from his claims, the Thompson Burton statement concluded with

Bidify is prepared to fight to protect its business model and user base from false and malicious attacks. By way of litigation, the truth will be revealed about Liske’s true intentions.

Shortly after the publication of the statement, Bidify escalated their efforts to silence Liske (who continued to publish information on Bidify and their in-house business practices) by having Thompson Burton’s Cole Dowsley send him a cease and desist letter.

If Liske didn’t comply with the request, Thompson Burton threatened to “engage in further legal action”.

Liske’s response?

Will I cease and desist? Certainly not! I will not rest until members start receiving refunds from these Criminals.

In fact I welcome the litigation they are threatening and will counter sue them on behalf of all the members who have invested into this scam.

That was on January 29th and true to his statement above, Liske continued to publish insider information against Bidify.

His last post on Bidify Fraud was a pair of amusing YouTube videos poking fun at the Ponzi scheme nature of the company:

The videos were embedded in a Bidify Fraud article on February 4th but were taken down less than 24 hours after. The Bidify Fraud article with the embedded videos was pulled from the site.

In what is obviously the result of an ongoing dialogue between Liske and Bidify following on from Thompson Burton’s cease and desist request, today Liske reneged on his vow above, announcing that Bidify Fraud would be going offline for good.

In an announcement that went live sometime in the last 12 hours, Liske wrote:

On February 11th, Bidify and I reached an amicable resolution.

As part of this resolution, neither party exchanged anything of value. I did not pay them; they did not pay me. We both decided it would be best if we went our separate ways and conducted our businesses accordingly.

I’m hopeful that in time, they’ll continue to honor their commitments to the older affiliates by paying their money back with Bidsson profits.

This website will cease to operate in 72 hours as per the settlement arrangement.

Ruling out a financial settlement, Liske’s cryptic message only fuels the mounting controversy surrounding Bidify and its Bidsson penny auctions.

What was the “amicable resolution” reached between the two parties that prompted Liske to go from

I will not rest until members start receiving refunds from these criminals.


I’m hopeful that in time, they’ll continue to honor their commitments to the older affiliates by paying their money back with Bidsson profits.

Bidsson profits? This is a man who started a website two weeks ago and has relentlessly alleged that there are no Bidsson profits, Bidify is a Ponzi scheme and that its management are “criminals”!

Infact, just to illustrate how much of a 180 degree about-face Liske’s latest announcement is, here are the claims he’s made on Bidify Fraud to date:

January 27th

Liske opened up Bidify Fraud, stating that the site had been ‘setup to help victims of the global fraud and provide them with resources in order to attempt to recover your funds or assist law enforcement with investigations’.

January 28th

Liske republished an article from Faith Sloan, stating that both Bidify and CMO Frode Jorgensen are “frauds”. Sloan claimed that affiliates had pumped $1000 to over $30,000 into the scheme, only to now be making ‘less than 1 euro a day‘.

January 28th (second post)

Addressing Bidify affiliates who had “invested” in the scheme and referring to Bidify as a Ponzi, Liske vowed to ‘not rest until the criminals behind this scam are brought to justice and your money is returned to you‘.

Liske also alleged

  • collusion between Bidify and payment processors Towah (CEO Tor Anders Petteroe) and Skifri (Robin Bakkejord), specifically involving Frode Jorgenson and his “relationship” to both processors
  • that the two men (Hans Engelcrona and Robin Bakkejord) who ‘operate the Biddson website and handle shipping out of Norway, list all the auctions daily on the Bidsson website then use self registered accounts to counter bid everyone on the auction site
  • 99% of the auctions that Engelcrona and Bakkejord list are won by the Bidify itself
  • Most people who have won anything on Bidsson still have not received won items
  • Bidify management are fully aware of the Bidsson “shill bidding” auction practices and are as such ‘guilty of a criminal conspiracy and wire fraud in the United States of America

Liske urged Bidify affiliates to call their credit card companies “immediately” if they had “invested” in Bidify. He stated that ‘the longer (affiliates) wait the less likely‘ it would be they would ‘get (their) money back‘.

January 29th

Following the sudden resignation of Albert Liske as CEO of Bidsson last November, Bidify put out a press release advising that Liske’s resignation had ‘come as a surprise to‘ them and that they would ‘release a formal announcement in the coming days‘.

That announcement never came and on January 29th 2013, Liske published the specific reasons he and Chris Robinson (then VP of Bidsson) resigned on Bidify Fraud:

  • both Liske and Robinson ‘quickly suspected that and was a Ponzi scheme soon after being introduced’. 
  • if both Bidify and Bidsson closed tomorrow they would not be able to pay back any of the money investors (affiliates) had put in
  • Bidsson was reporting much higher revenue earned daily than financial records indicated. On its busiest day the website never transacted more than $10,000 in purchased bids. Therefore the owners of Bidify were paying out more money than they were bringing in from previous invested money.
  •  90% of auctions listed on Bidsson were being shill bid and won by a company employee in Norway
  • many of the expensive Bidsson auctions were won by friends of the Skifri owner (embezzling product wins) and the theft of Gold was rampant by the two
  • both Robinson and Liske ‘were shown the Bidify Towah main account by Frode in Jamaica (before the cruise) which only showed $100,000 in available funds’, with this amount being ‘hardly enough to cover pending withdrawals of its members
  • nearly one-quarter of the entire bidify database (24,747) users in the Bidify database were fake

Liske staked the authenticity of his claims on the fact that his and Robinson’s ‘positions enabled (them) to view auction and financial data‘, with Liske claiming that ‘everything posted can be backed up with documented evidence that I collected during my time as CEO

He also claimed that in order to explain Liske and Robinson’s abrupt resignations, that Bidify were now internally circulating “false” claims that Liske ‘had a hacker past‘ and had ‘hacked the Bidify website‘.

Liske accused Bidify of ‘lying to its affiliates’ and Bidify still owing himself and Robinson wages and reimbursement for related expenses.

The Bidify team owes Christopher and myself wages from October, our office staff in Canada’s wages and rent and travel expenses from going on the Cruise.

None of which to date has been paid. We will not be perusing this money as it would be paid with stolen investor money anyways and we do not want any further part in this.

The constant lying to affiliates. Numerous times I witnessed what was actually going on and what was being told to YOU the investor as being two completely different stories.

Frode seemed to be an expert at spinning more and more lies to cover up anything that looked suspicious or out of place. Even after my departure I still watched press release after press release, change after change in the compensation plan.

All in an effort to make it appear they were trying to make YOU more money. When IN FACT they are just trying to keep you paying your monthly fees.

Now that the air is cleared you can choose to believe whatever you like.

Everyone who is an employee or a Corporate representative involved or perpetuating this ponzi scheme in Bidify and Bidsson is going to jail. It might not happen immediately but IT IS COMING.

Liske closed his post by asking anyone who still had doubts to contact him on Skype or via email so that he could “show them proof”.

January 29th (second post)

Liske confirmed he is the owner of the penny auction script company “Penny Auction Wizards”. Liske states that Bidify reached out to Penny Auction Wizards, looking to replace their existing penny auction script.

Liske claimed they wanted to replace their existing script because of ‘how much RAM the server was consuming‘ and that ‘there is a bug in the PHP Penny Auction system that does not allow the Bidify team to use the built in admin auto bidders to steal from its members‘.

Despite a much hyped lead up to the launch of “Bidsson 2.0”, Liske explains that it never launched because of three primary reasons:

1. (Bidify) did not EVER want to use the promised BUY IT NOW FEATURE.

Had they deployed the software they would have had to deliver on that promise and that would have allowed the users in the Bidsson system to begin pulling money out in the form of products by simply using the bids accumulated in the system.

Every time someone bids the price goes up by $0.01, at the same time the buy it now price falls by the bid price ($1.00). Therefore bidding over and over would eventually let the user get the product for free.

The Bidify team could not allow YOUR MONEY TO BE TAKEN OUT in such a fashion.

2. They did not have the source code to the software.

It became apparent that a server technician that works for Bidify named Kevin was attempting to decode the licensing files of our software in an attempt to resell the software to Bidify’s competitors.

Christopher Robinson learned of this on the cruise and immediately told me about it. When asked for the source code I said no and pointed to what Kevin had said to Chris.

Kevin later told the Bidify team and myself that he was simply “testing Chris”, which to this day I do not believe.

3. The third and MAIN reason why they did not deploy our system was that our team disabled the admin auto bidders in the back end.

This prevented them from using our system from stealing from the Bidsson clients.

Liske also included video footage that backed up his claim that he himself did not hack the Bidsson database, but rather obtained it via the hacker who did as a result of trying to ascertain what happened.

This occurred whilst Liske was CEO of Bidsson after ‘Bidify team members that did not go on the Cruise informed me that they had been alerted to some fraudulent down lines, all of which were paid with using stolen credit cards‘.

After investigating, Liske learned that

The hacker was able to use the passwords from the Bidify database to access the accounts on Bidsson as they were the same for both websites.

Once he accessed both sites he was able to delete auto bidders that were booked by users bidding on auctions thus allowing whomever he chose to win the auction fraudulently.

In communicating with the hacker, Liske was sent a copy of the Bidsson auction database, which he later used to debunk suspicions over the legitimacy of the Bidsson penny auctions.

With this datbase in my possession I was able to compare actual revenue between both sites and what I found was clear fraud by Bidsson and Bidify owners.

The obvious argument by them is that most auctions are cashed out of the system through Bidify. The problem with this statement is that I have both databases and can PROVE this is NOT TRUE.

Further discrediting Bidify’s claims that Liske was behind the hack, he published a spreadsheet with information gleaned from the Bidsson database showing that

just over $96,000 was stolen from the group above. This DID NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT OR IN A FEW DAYS AS  as the email they sent out about me suggested.

As anyone can clearly see this is quite an extensive amount of fraud and there is no way someone pulled this off in two days.

January 29th (third post)

Using a Bidsson database ‘provided to (Liske’s) team by Frode (that showed) complete auction history, bidding history, auction cash out history and the complete user database of the auction site’, Liske demonstrates ‘how the Bidsson staff members were logging into the site daily and shill bidding their own listed auctions‘.

My team first alerted me to the irregularity because they have experience shipping for penny auctions in the past as well as providing customer support and found that up until the date we took over there had been over 4853 auctions won on the site (as of August 24th, 2012).

What was odd was that there was only a few hundred shipped products.

One of the very first issues identified after joining Bidsson was that there was many complaints from users about not receiving products they won.

Many of the top affiliates had not received the products they had won and Gold bars where even mysteriously going missing from the Norway shipping office.

After several emails and Skype chats with both Robin Bakkejord and Hanns Engelcrona asking for a complete shipping list of all products they had sent out with tracking numbers (which never materialized), I instructed my shipping staff to extract all the auction history from the Bidsson admin panel.

We could then compare our shipping lists with the actual database of all won items and items that were supposed to be shipped

As CEO of the auction site I could have a clear understanding of what was owed and what had already been shipped

What we discovered was that out of few hundred paid auctions won on the site less than 100 were actually shipped. Of those auctions many could not be accounted for by the guys in Norway office.

Liske cemented the accuracy of this information with provided screenshots of the Bidsson auction database and information from a “tracking sheet” spreadsheet.

If you ever won an auction, paid for it and it was shipped to you, you can verify the accuracy of what I posted above by finding your name and the auction won inside. Keep in mind this list was valid up until mid September 2012.

Quite low for an auction wins shipped for an auction site this size right? Ohhh wait, the rest must have been turned out for cash right?


Again, using detailed screenshots of the Bidsson auction database, Liske shows that there were only 862 sellbacks, concluding thus that Bidify management themselves won 2723 auctions out of the 4853 auctions he and his team examined.

In a “future post”, Liske claimed he was going to use ‘Hanns’ and other office workers IP addresses from Norway‘ to demonstrate which “fake registered user accounts” had been used to place bids.

Liske claimed that this was a “smoking gun”, because ‘administrators cannot log in to users accounts and book auto bidders to bid in auctions unless they are bidding against real users‘.

January 29th (fourth post)

Liske publishes a cease and desist request, received from Bidify’s lawyers over at Thompson Burton.

The request, signed by J. Cole Dowsley Jr. claims that (despite the evidence uploaded by Liske) the statements made on Bidify Fraud are “false, misleading and without merit”.

Thompson Burton demand Liske “delete and remove” Bidify Fraud and stop uploading information on the company.

Liske replied by stating

Here is what I find interesting. I have evidence of a global financial crime, this is indisputable.

What kind of a world do we live in where a Law Firm (who is probably aware they are up to it’s eyeballs in this thing) sends out a cease and desist letter demanding the removal of evidence that clearly implicates its clients in a Fraudulent global ponzi scheme?

Not to mention the very same clients sent out an email only hours earlier slandering myself with a boat full of lies clearly designed at discrediting what I am posting.

Will I cease and desist? Certainly not! I will not rest until members start receiving refunds from these Criminals.

In fact I welcome the litigation they are threatening and will counter sue them on behalf of all the members who have invested into this scam.

January 29th (fifth post)

Under the title “Tips on getting your money back”, Liske provides information to Bidify affiliates who might be experiencing problems ‘trying to charge back (their) credit card‘.

January 30th

Liske provides evidence, gleaned from the Bidsson auction database, that the much hyped Bidsson auction for a Volkswagen car in mid 2012 was one by Bidsson itself.

On July 11th,2012 the website posted this auction for a Volkswagen UP smart car. A user named Misty apparently won this auction for 180.68 EUR.

One problem though …. a quick inspection of the database shows that Misty is NOT A REAL USER.

So Bidsson staff had bid and won on this auction themselves.

User ID: 95912
Name: Misty
Sponsor: sunfactory

Doesnt have an address in the database and is a fake user.

User ID: 1481
Name: sunfactory
First Name: solkompaniet AS
Sponsor: kbakkej

Sunfactory is fake as well.

User ID: 47
Name: kbakkej
First Name: Kenneth
Sponsor: bidify

Kenneth bakkejord < —- HELLO ROBIN!

As above, Liske claims that the Bidsson account “kbakkej” is none other than Skifri and Bidify executive, Robin Bakkejord.

January 30th (second post)

In this post Liske claims that in going through ‘information (pulled) out of the databases‘, he ascertained that out of the ‘100,000 users in the bidify database, over 25,000 users were fake‘.

When I cross referenced these fake users with A1Customer down lines I see a clear pattern.

A1 Customers sells fake bot signups, even though on the website it reports it is selling Bidsson Registrations are REAL people that have requested FREE BIDS for penny auctions!

A1 Customers is a website run by GenerationX solutions based out of Manitoba, Canada. On the website it states A1Customers is owned and operated by GenerationX Solutions Canada and is in no way affiliated with or I have serious doubts that this company is not affiliated with Bidsson/Bidify.

They state that they are The #1 Source for Bidsson Registrations. In fact what they sell are FAKE users! In my estimate pumped this database with over 25,000 fake signups with bots.

If you ever bought anything from these guys you got scammed. Check your down lines and try to contact any of these “leads” you have been sold. You will find out they are FAKE!

Three companies total have direct API access to the Bidify website to fill it with fake registrations.


The fact that there is direct API access proves that Bidsson is directly involved with these companies and is knowingly pumping the database with fake users in order to meet the MLM LAW requirements.

January 31st

Addressing queries as to why Bidify Fraud had appeared offline the last few days, Liske explained that after receiving ‘creditable information that Frode and his gang of thieves are trying to secure hacking services in order to take (Bidify Fraud) down‘, that he had ‘moved this site to a bullet proof host and added some anti-ddos measures‘.

Liske also claimed that

Frodo’s group had a meeting last night in Norway and are planning on fleeing to Thailand. Which he might want to think about because I have his hideout address and pictures of the house.

Rest assured this website will not go offline until there is creditable news reports that all of these guys are headed to jail.

January 31st (second post)

Stating that Bidify Kevin Thompson’s advice on the need for retail customers and ‘shoved it right back up (his) ass‘, Liske makes the claim that because fake customer suppliers of Bidsson have API access to the Bidsson customer database, that Bidsson

is directly involved with these companies and is knowingly pumping the database with fake users in order to meet the MLM LAW requirements.

Part of what was supposed to make this MLM plan legal was that there is a requirement for down lines to bring new clients in or recruit new paying customers.

To give the illusion of compliance yet allow down lines to participate in this ponzi and collect passive income Bidify setup or is working with these companies and selling fake registrations.

That is why 25,000 users in the bidify database are fake.

Included in the post is a screenshot of the Bidsson database, showing three fake customer creating merchant accounts (presumably with API access to Bidsson’s database).

January 31st (third post)

In this post, Liske demonstrates that one of the fake customer creating merchants cited in his previous post, “BCustomers”, is owned and operated by none other than Bidify themselves.

Citing a Bidify newsletter published in May 2012, Liske notes the inclusion of a recommendation that Bidify affiliates purchase “retail customers” from BCustomers:

Should you be in need of retail customers, you can visit to meet your customer requirements.

Please note that this is not a corporate Bidify or Bidsson website and is owned and operated by IRG Ventures, LLC.

This website is already approved by our compliance department and has been reviewed by our US attorney, Kevin Thompson.

Alleging that IRG Ventures is merely a “shelf corp” of Bidify’s, Liske questions the level of due diligence MLM attorney Kevin Thompson put into the site before giving it his approval.

Based on the fact that BCustomers accept Skifri as a payment processor, Liske claims that



Skyfri is not a REAL payment processor. It is 100% front owned by Robin (Kenneth) Bakkejord to launder Bidify/Bidsson ponzi money through. The Skyfri website does not have a real payment API that can accessed by outside parties.

So it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone outside of Bidsson/Bidify to accept payments through this fake payment processor.

Who owns this (SkiFri) website? IRG Ventures LLC of course.

January 31st (fourth post)

Liske publishes an open letter to Bidify affiliates, urging them to take action:

“What you can do to help this cause”

The first step is to look at the evidence I am presenting here with a logical head and remove your emotions from the equation. Once you do that you will quickly realize that there is NO WAY I could POSSIBLY be making this stuff up.

I was the CEO of the company, I had the access to these documents and databases. I KNOW what was WHAT and can prove everything I am saying is TRUE.

Once you snap out of the Bidify Brainwash™ then you will be ready to peruse these criminals just like I am.

Like all of you I was shocked and saddened to learn what I had been involved in at bidify/bidsson. Many people feel that I have some kind of hidden agenda in all of this but the TRUTH is I am simply a very honest and straight forward guy that wants to HELP YOU get your money back.

I am very sorry to hear about your losses in all this, quite frankly it so large it is very difficult to get my head entirely around it.

Last night I spent several hours on the phone with an affiliate that put his entire life savings into bidify. He planned it live off the residual income it would produce.

This blog was a cold reality for him and now realizes he has a very slim chance of ever seeing his money again.

Like many people involved in this they have been taken for a ride and now that the veil is being lifted, time is of the essence to track these guys down and have them arrested.

The first step I recommend is that you contact your local state attorneys office and police department and file a complaint.

This thing is so big that they will most likely already have an open file on this. When enough people file complaints it will be passed onto the United States Secret Service and the SEC.

Until that happens arrests will not be made and it will take victims of this crime such as yourself to get the ball rolling.

Included with this post was a series of links to US State Attorney’s websites.

January 31st (fifth post)

Liske claims it is the “duty” of Bidify’s team leaders to inform their downlines about

what is transpiring in this fiasco called Bidify. If you do NOT inform your down line YOU ARE EVEN MORE GUILTY then the men that performed this heinous crime.

A time will come where everyone involved in this will become accountable. Your actions over the coming weeks will be looked at very closely by Federal investigators and people that TRUSTED YOU.

Step up and do the right thing NOW!

January 31st (sixth post)

Building on his previous claims on the illegitimacy of the Skifri payment processor, in this post Liske goes so far as to claim that it exists solely for the purpose of facilitating ‘a massive money laundering operation‘.

SkyFri AS ( was a fake payment processor setup by Robin and Frode to facilitate a massive money laundering operation.

With his experience with Plexpay in the past Frode knows all too well that anti-money laundering agencies around the world monitor the SWIFT wire transfer system and global financial networks looking for suspicious activity.

In order to bypass this monitoring they setup two fake payment processors to facilitate the wire transfers of large volumes of cash around the world.

Fredrick Skjøldt was chosen as a front man for this payment processor because he does not have a Criminal record, which Robin and Frode do and could not pass a background check.

The Nordea bank account in Sweeden has been closed due to charge backs and overwhelming complaints.

I spoke in the Fraud department at Nordea late this morning and they confirmed the account is frozen due to charge backs and other investigations and could not comment any further on it.

February 5th

Liske created a new blog entry and embedded two amusing Bidify related videos into it.

Featuring a fictitious character named “David Johnson” as Bidify’s CEO, the first video is a split screen of Johnson’s face with the two sides having a dialogue between eachother.


On one side is the “Bidsson” face of the opportunity and the other, Bidify. The Bidify side of the business states “the sooner they (new affiliates) invest, the sooner I get my money“.

The second video features Johnson again, in a mockup Bidify seminar titles “Ponzi 101”.


In this video, Johnson gives a basic rundown of a how a Ponzi scheme works using jelly beans.

Basically I find an investor who has five jelly beans, and I say I’ll give you seven jelly beans in return for your five.

I give him back his five, plus the two extra.

He’s happy and goes and tells his friends and family about this fantastic investment. Then, all those people give their savings to me.

Basically, I take the jelly beans from the new investors and I give them to the earlier investors. Y’know, move the jelly beans around so that everyone’s happy.

And when there are no more jelly beans to hand out? Well sure, some people might be a little unhappy, but I’m still left with a pocketful of jelly beans.

It’s like taking candy from a baby.

24 hours or so after the post went live, it was pulled from the Bidify Fraud website and the embedded YouTube videos were marked private.

Today you can still view the videos on YouTube however the Bidify Fraud post that embedded them was never restored.


All of the above brings us to today’s announcement of an “amicable settlement” between Bidify and Albert Liske.

Just to contrast the above mountain of information Liske has provided the MLM world in the past two weeks, here again is his statement today:

On February 11th, Bidify and I reached an amicable resolution.

As part of this resolution, neither party exchanged anything of value. I did not pay them; they did not pay me. We both decided it would be best if we went our separate ways and conducted our businesses accordingly.

I’m hopeful that in time, they’ll continue to honor their commitments to the older affiliates by paying their money back with Bidsson profits.

This website will cease to operate in 72 hours as per the settlement arrangement.

Just what on Earth went down on February 11th between Liske and Bidify?! With no money exchanging hands, what could Bidify possibly have brought to the settlement table for Liske to pull down the information found on Bidify Fraud, after repeatedly stating that he wouldn’t?

Surely I’m not the only none of this makes any sense to?

To date Bidify have not refuted any of Liske’s claims and allegations, nor the evidence he has uploaded clearly proving the legitimacy of some of them.

Through their lawyers over at Thompson Burton, Bidify and Bidsson simply maintain that Liske’s claims are “false, misleading and without merit”.


Update 18th February 2013 – Sometime in the last 24 hours Albert Liske has pulled the Bidify Fraud website offline.