When we last checked in on the MLM business side of Bidify, the company had undergone several compensation plan revisions and finally settled on what was still a primarily affiliate-funded ROI scheme.

Slightly different from Zeek Rewards model, it was seen more as a grey area that worked loopholes in that the possibility for affiliates to get paid on retail customers was present.

Due to the way the overall compensation plan had been structured and the type of affiliates the company had already attracted (mostly Zeek Rewards refugees), that scenario was highly unlikely.

Sure enough Bidify’s v2.0 compensation plan changes flopped with the company failing to gain any ground on attracting genuine retail customers to it’s Bidsson penny auction business.

Bidsson’s former CEO Albert Liske publicly declaring the company to be a Ponzi scheme didn’t help either. Nor did the February 11th “amicable resolution” reached between Liske and Bidify, the details of which were never made public.

Since then Bidify has struggled to gain any attraction and as I understand it business operations have ground to a complete halt. Seemingly looking to reinvigorate things came the unexpected press release yesterday announcing that Bidify were

getting ready for the full launch of everything we have been working really hard on for the last months.

Both sites will be taken down for MAJOR UPDATES the 3rd of June, and will stay offline until we go live.

Details of what Bidify management have been up to haven’t been released yet but one additional tidbit of information was made public today:

Bidify are abandoning operations in the US.

Here is the first MAJOR CHANGE that will happen. We are moving all operations to Europe.


It simply makes more sense for us to manage and operate the company out of Europe. After all, the management and ownership of the company are all Europeans.

The above official explanations of course then reaises the obvious question: “So why open a virtual office in the US to begin with?”

Since its inception, Bidify has only maintained a virtual prescense in the US. And this was done primarily to ease concerns at the time of prospective affiliates worried about joining a company based offshore.

This was back in the Zeek Rewards heydays mind you and the landscape of the MLM niche Bidify operate in has changed considerably. Due to the questionable legal status of Ponzi points based revenue-sharing compensation plans, the last few MLM companies still risking the plan are now all based offshore.

And now Bidify can be added to the list.

Aside from labelling the move as “beneficial”, Bidify declined to comment any further on the move:

We could of course speak for hours about all the benefits of moving to Europe, but we will keep it short and sweet for now.

They have however asked what’s left of their affiliate-base to

stay tuned for tomorrows update, where we will explain how this change will affect old and new Affiliates in a positive way.

So uh, stay tuned for that I guess.