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Antares Trade & Alcor Trade Ponzis exit-scam, websites gone

Alexey Zhirovkin has complete his Ponzi scheme exit-scam. Approximately 48 hours ago Zhirovkin took down the Antares Trade and Alcor Trade websites.

Antares Trade deletes YouTube account, pretends “suspended”

Antares Trade has deleted its official YouTube channel. In what appears to be an attempt to mask the second stage of its exit-scam, Antares Trade falsely claimed YouTube suspended the account.

Antares Trade’s “Alex Richter” living openly in Dominican Republic

Antares Trade is headed up by Alex Richter, played by Russian national Alexey Mikhailovich Zhirovkin. Antares Trade and its spinoff Alcore Trade collapsed for good back in May. Despite victim losses likely running into the hundreds of millions, Zhirovkin continues to be sheltered by Dominican Republic authorities.

Antares Trade 2.0 & Alcor Trade collapse, withdrawals disabled

The Antares Trade 2.0 and Alcor Trade Ponzi schemes have collapsed. Investors began reporting withdrawal problems earlier today.

Antares Trade 2.0 Ponzi reboot focus back on Alcor Trade

Back in March BehindMLM covered the Antares Trade 2.0 Ponzi reboot. Aleksey Zhirovkin, playing Boris CEO Alex Richter, was resurrecting his 2020 Ponzi scheme for a second time. Part of the Antares Trade reboot was Alpin Launchpad, which was marketed with its own “multi-level referral program”. As such I flagged Alpin Launchpad for its own [Continue reading…]

Antares 2.0 reboot is a mess (refunds? Alpin Launchpad?)

Aleksey Zhirovkin’s Antares 2.0 Ponzi relaunch is a mess. A Hong Kong regulatory cover-story has been introduced, refunds are being offered through an inhouse recovery scam and Zhirovkin’s also launching something called Alpin Launchpad.

Alcor Trade collapses, Antares Trade 2.0 reboot announced

Aleksey Zhirovkin’s Antares Trade Ponzi is set to reboot for the third time. In a video uploaded to Alcor Trade’s official YouTube channel on February 10th, Zhirovkin, playing fictional CEO Alex Richter, revealed “Antares 2.0”. The cover story Zhirovkin is running with is a continuation of Antares Trade’s fictional regulatory issues.

Alcor Trade securities fraud warning issued in BC, Canada

Alcor Trade has received a securities fraud warning from the British Columbia Securities Commission.

Alcor Trade pyramid scheme warning issued in Russia

Alcor Trade, dba Alcor Limited, has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from the Central Bank of Russia.

Alcor Trade launches ANTd Ponzi token, 200,000% ROI pitched

Alcor Trade owner Aleksey Zhirovkin has announced the launch of ANTd token. Zhirovkin made the announcement in a September 7th video.