The Antares Trade 2.0 and Alcor Trade Ponzi schemes have collapsed.

Investors began reporting withdrawal problems earlier today.

At time of publication the Antares Trade 2.0, Alcor Trade, Antares Refund and Alpin Launchpad websites are all still up.

Investor withdrawal complaints have started to trickle in on the company’s various social media accounts:

A BehindMLM reader left a comment in French a few hours ago, advising that both Antares Trade 2.0 and Alcor Trade withdrawals had stopped.

Leading up to the collapse, Antares Trade announced a “great Spring promotion” to drive investment:

A promo event in Dubai across June 1st to 3rd was also announced:

As above, tickets went on sale for $200 (business) and $500 (VIP). From early April, prices were jacked up $4 and $10 a day respectively.

With Dubai being the MLM scam capital of the world, Antares Trade 2.0’s venue choice is unlikely to be a coincidence.

In addition to a “photo session and laser show”, curiously Antares Trade 2.0 also promised “exclusive presentations” from “Jordan Belfort, Mike Tyson and other world stars”.

Neither public figure has made any announcement about their respective appearances on social media.

Tyson in particular was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a “Recession Proof Convention” in Las Vegas on May 28th and 29th.

At time of publication TicketMaster lists both event dates as cancelled.

Antares Trade 2.0 and Alcor Trade are run by “Alex Richter”. Richter is played by Russian national and fugitive Aleksey Zhirovkin.

24 hours ago Zhirovkin, playing Richter, was babbling on about an Antares Trade “meta universe”:

Borrowed from FaceBook, “metaverse” and derivatives have become a marketing cliche among MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.

Antares Trade’s iteration looked like an excuse to launch MAD, the fourth shitcoin associated with the Ponzi scheme.

Last we knew Zhirovkin was hiding out in Mexico.

Hosting or pretending to host an Antares Trade event in Dubai, might have been a ruse to escape Zhirovkin’s victims and move there.

Earlier this month BehindMLM covered the bungled Antares Trade 2.0 Ponzi reboot, which saw investors unwilling to abandon Alcor Trade.

Alcor Trade itself was a reboot of the original collapsed Antares Trade Ponzi.

Pending any further updates on Antares Trade 2.0’s and Alcor Trade’s collapse, stay tuned.


Update 23rd May 2022 – Aleksey Zhirovkin has deleted any mention of the scheduled Dubai event from Antares Trade’s and Alcor Trade’s social media profiles.

The Alcor Trade Twitter profile has been wiped, save for a few refund scam messages made earlier this month.

Despite withdrawals remaining disabled, Zhirovkin is still pretending Alcor Trade is operational on FaceBook.

Comments on his Alcor Trade posts appear heavily restricted.


Update 10th June 2022 – On May 23rd Zhirovkin appeared in another Alex Richter video.

In the video, dubbed over in English by a narrator with an eastern European accent, Zhirovkin advises the scheduled June 1st to 3rd Dubai event had been “postponed”.

July 15th to 17th have been set as new dates. The grift now appears to be selling another 1000 tickets to the event.

Comments on Antares Trade’s video continue to be heavily moderated, with only one or two comments with views from thousands of victims getting through.

Zhirovsky insists Mike Tyson and Jordan Belfort will be at the rescheduled event.

Why anyone would turn up to an event in Dubai for a collapsed Ponzi scheme beats me.


Update 17th October 2022 – Aleksey Zhirovkin has pulled Antares Trades’ and Alcor Trades’ websites offline.

From this we can surmise Zhirovkin’s exit-scam is complete. Whether he’s still in the Dominican Republic is unclear.