Alexey Zhirovkin has complete his Ponzi scheme exit-scam.

Approximately 48 hours ago Zhirovkin took down the Antares Trade and Alcor Trade websites.

Following withdrawals being disabled again, BehindMLM called Antares Trade’s third collapse in May.

At time of publication Alcor Trade’s official FaceBook page is still up. The last October 4th post is the fake YouTube deletion post, wherein Zhirovkin pretended YouTube suspended Antares Trade’s official YouTube channel.

Zhirovkin ran the Antares Trade and Alcor Trade Ponzi schemes as “Alex Richter”.

Richter’s Facebook profile is still up, with the last August 8th post thanking victims for not being angry with him.

Zhirovkin, a Russian national and wanted fugitive, resides in the Dominican Republic with permanent residency.

On September 24th BehindMLM published an article questioning how someone with a criminal record had obtained permanent residency.

Whether Zhirovkin is still in the Dominican Republic is unclear.

While we know the majority of recent Antares Trade and Acor Trade victims are from France and Andorra, total victim numbers and how much they lost to Zhirovkin remain unknown.