Antares Trade has deleted its official YouTube channel.

In what appears to be an attempt to mask the second stage of its exit-scam, Antares Trade falsely claimed YouTube suspended the account.

Attempts to access Antares’ Trade’s YouTube channel reveal the standard 404 message:

Shortly after the account was deleted, Antares Trade posted about it on its “Alcor Trade” branded official FaceBook page:

As above, Antares Trade represented its account had been “suspended for currently unknown reasons.”

Our legal department is now doing everything possible to uncover the reasons for blocking and return access to all channel videos to our users.

If we don’t get a response from YouTube technical support soon, we will create a new channel where you’ll be able to continue watching our video content.

None of that is true.

Attempts to visit individual Antares Trade marketing videos reveal what actually happened:

You can even verify Antares Trade closed the account on its own website:

Antares Trade deleted its account and then lied about it.

I suspect Alexey Zhirovkin wanted to delete incriminating footage, in what is likely stage two of his exit-scam.

Following multiple collapses and reboots over the past year, disabling of withdrawals in May marked stage one of Zhirovkin’s exit-scam

Now Antares Trade’s official YouTube channel is gone, and with it a significant amount of evidence.

All that’s left to do is shut down Antares Trade’s FaceBook page and the Antares Trade and Alcor Trade websites. When Zhirovkin intends to pull stage three of his exit-scam is unclear.

Following a recruitment push throughout early 2022, the majority of Antares Trade and Alcor Trade victims are believed to be residents of France. A significant number of victims are also from Andorra and Germany.

Zhirovkin runs Antares Trade and its Alcor Trade spinoff as “Alex Richter”.

Zhirovkin, a Russian national, obtained residence in the Dominican Republic back in 2012.

Zhirovkin fled Russia in 2012 after authorities busted his counterfeit “bonus card” scam. Since his escape, Zhirovkin’s legal status in Russia is that of a fugitive.

How a wanted fugitive with a criminal past obtained Dominican Republic residency is unclear.

To date authorities in the Dominican Republic have failed to take any action against Zhirovkin or his various Ponzi schemes.


Update 17th October 2022 – Aleksey Zhirovkin has pulled Antares Trades’ and Alcor Trades’ websites offline.

From this we can surmise Zhirovkin’s exit-scam is complete. Whether he’s still in the Dominican Republic is unclear.