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Amazing Living offer affiliates Xalles Holdings shares. Um, why?

A few months ago we covered Amazing Living’s apparent unregistered securities offering. So the offer went, a prepaid debit card was to be distributed to Amazing Living affiliates. Through use of the card, stock in an undisclosed company would be awarded. The name of the company stock was to be issued from was not disclosed. [Continue reading…]

Rodan + Fields terminates Pool Patrol Paula’s distributorship

There’s been a recent spate of incidents where white people call the cops on black people not breaking the law in the US. Due to the technological age we live in, the altercations, seemingly sparked by race, have been caught on camera. Last Sunday Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, since dubbed “Pool Patrol Paula”, took it upon herself [Continue reading…]

Ominto (Dubli) to delist itself from Nasdaq

In a May 14th press-release, Dubli (trading as Ominto) has announced it will voluntarily delist itself from the Nasdaq Capital Market. The official reason for the voluntary delisting is ongoing non-compliance with regulatory filing requirements.

Dapps Global abandoned, will relaunch with new name in October

Reaction to our Dapps Global expose has been swift, with investors suspected of leaking information kicked out of secret social media groups. The company name “Dapps Global” has also been abandoned, and plans to launch an ICO postponed till October.

Bitcoiin scammers attempt to manipulate B2G onto Binance exchange

One of the core problems a Ponzi points MLM cryptocurrency faces is getting their altcoin listed on a public exchange. In addition to hitching B2G to Dragon Mining Tech and several “scam within a scam” companies (Bitcoin Trading World, Crypto Mining Space, Palilula Mining etc.), Bitcoiin have been heavily touting public exchange adoption over the [Continue reading…]

Dragon Coin advisers hope to raise millions through Dapps Global ICO

In the bowels of Facebook another unregistered securities ICO offering is being prepared for launch. Today we take a look at the upcoming launch of Dapps Global and serial MLM underbelly scammers promoting it.

Teacher who tried to recruit students into OneCoin & LifePlus fired

A serial scammer has been fired following revelations she tried to recruit students into dubious MLM schemes.

Tecademics screw affiliate out of $20,000, IQup not interested?

About a week ago we covered a co-founder conflict leading to Chris Record selling his stake in Tecademics. Tecademics itself is no more and has been amalgamated into IQup. One loose end that neither Tecademics co-founders Chris Record and Jim Piccolo or IQup seem keen to tie up however, is a missing $20,000 prize awarded [Continue reading…]

Redwood Scientific Technologies under investigation for FTC Act violations

BehindMLM recently reviewed RengaLife on April 13th. While I didn’t personally come across any suspect marketing claims as part of my research, it has emerged RengaLife’s parent company, Redwood Scientific Technologies, is being investigated for suspected violations of the FTC Act.

CGI Limited soliciting gaming investment through US bank account?

Following publication of BehindMLM’s CGI Limited review on February 23rd, the company shut down its Coinsinos website. Prior to being shutdown, the Coinsinos website marketed a gaming MLM opportunity tied to, among other things, cryptocurrency cock fighting. Further research reveals that while the front-end of the Coinsinos website has been disabled, affiliate login services (“”) [Continue reading…]