In a recently updated roadmap, Westland Storage added the following to their 4Q 2018 timeline;

Conference on the island of WestLand Storage. Speech of the main persons of the company.

We organize a conference on the island we bought. Our best clients get a free trip and our top executives give speeches at the conference.

In a blog post dated October 8th, Westland Storage claimed the update resulted in “many inquiries about his event”, prompting the company to “divulge some inside info and details.”

The WestLand Storage Conference will take place on our personal island in the Caribbean.

It’s the biggest event of the year which will feature the top executives in our company.

Accompanying the post is a photo of an island.

Just one problem though, as one eagle-eyed BehindMLM reader pointed out, it’s definitely not a private island owned by Westland Storage.

For reference, here’s a cropped copy of Westland Storage’s “hey so we bought an island” blog post (click to enlarge):

The image of the “WLS Island” Westland Storage claims is their own “private island” is actually Petit Saint Vincent. All Westland Storage have done is reverse the image on the horizontal plane.

You can either verify this yourself by saving a copy of the image of the original post and reversing it horizontally, or just look up images of Petit Saint Vincent and compare.

Petit Saint Vincent is a privately owned island, last bought by business partners Phil Stephenson and Robin Paterson in 2010.

Other than accepting stolen Ponzi funds to hold an upcoming promotional event, the island itself has nothing to do with Westland Storage.

The rub is the ruse behind Westland Storage’s Ponzi scheme being the company owns real estate all over the world. Yet here they are clearly lying about having purchased a private island.

“WLS Island” doesn’t exist, and neither does any of the other real estate Westland Storage claims to generate ROIs from.

The question now is whether their affiliate-base even cares.

If Alexa is anything to go by, Westland Storage’s investors are primarily from third-world countries. I’m guessing the company is banking on the majority of investors not rocking up their event, leaving only those already “in the know” to attend.

And they’re not going to publicize Westland Storage’s lie, because money.

Unfortunately that’s the sad truth Westland Storage’s investors will have to look back on when the scam inevitably goes bust.

“But we didn’t know!” doesn’t hold much weight when you willfully ignore a scam openly lying to your face.