Singaporean MLM company Riway is attempting to branch out from Asia into Europe.

Unfortunately they’re doing so by making all manner of unsubstantiated medical claims.

One of the standouts in our published Riway review, was that the company’s Purtier product is massively overpriced.

A quick comparison revealed similar deer placenta products going for $50 to $60, whereas Riway charge almost $400 for Purtier.

And whereas Riway hocks Purtier by the box in Asia, in Europe they are demanding £2000 GBP upfront for six months of “Purtier placenta therapy” ($2550 USD).

According to Riway affiliate Jason Solis, Purtier being overprices is something Riway and their affiliates are acutely aware of.

This is why it is not available in the shops: no one would buy it at that price, whereas they might if it comes with a personal testimonial from someone they know.

Cue medical claims from Solis and fellow Riway affiliates, Amardeep Sekhon and Rajesh Aggarwal, which attest to Purtier helping people with “devastating illnesses”.

Specific conditions referenced at a recent Riway presentation in the UK include depression, diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, leukemia, infertility, cancer (stages one through four), multiple sclerosis and slipped discs.

How do we know this?

Because the referenced UK event above was attended by the Mirror’s Andrew Pennman.

Definitely worth a read if you want a great example of an MLM company begging to be shut down by regulators.

And considering Riway has already been banned in Dubai for making similar nonsensical claims about its product, god only knows how Purtier is marketed in Asia itself.


Update 15th August 2021 – Riway has been prosecuted and convicted in Singapore over misleading and false health claims related to Purtier.