Bitqyck was a typical MLM cryptocurrency altcoin securities offering.

Rather than operate legally, Bitqyck planned to flout US securities law by operating offshore through Firstmover International.

In June Bitqyck revealed it was the subject of a federal regulatory investigation.

Firstmover International’s website has since been pulled and presumably the company has been abandoned.

Now it appears the Bitqyck affiliate investor database may have been sold to Tierra Science Global.

Tierra Science Global is a new MLM company in prelaunch.

There’s currently not much information on the Tierra Science Global website.

A marketing video features a plastic card that supposedly “stimulate(s) boiphotonic interaction” through “resonance waves”.

On LinkedIn, Mark Rosales cites himself as “Chief Dreamer” at Tierra Science Global.

As per marketing material recently sent out to Bitqyck affiliates;

Mark Rosales negotiated with Bruce Bise to bring over the Bitqyck database to honor our hierarchy so no one gets left behind if they CHOOSE to become active with Tierra Science.

To that end Bitqyck affiliates are able to log in to the Tierra Science Global backoffice with their existing Bitqyck affiliate details.

Your Tierra Science website is ready to log into! Log in with your Bitqyck ID number.

You will see that your back office will look like your Bitqyck back office and will have your info along with your downline history.

Bitqyck affiliates are being pitched a $1199 Founder’s Package, which provides a share in a 5% company-wide revenue pool.

How much Bruce Bise made selling the Bitqyck affiliate database to Tierra Science Global is not disclosed. Nor did Bise seek the consent of Bitqyck affiliates before handing over their information.

There’s probably an obscure clause in Bitqyck’s Terms and Conditions covering Bice legally, but the ethics of selling affiliate information to a third-party is certainly questionable.

Interestingly, despite appearing to have been abandoned, some Bitqyck affiliates are touting Terra Sciences future use of bitqy.

Bruce spoke of collaborating with two companies to adopt our Bitqy.

One mentioned is a subsidiary of a publicly traded company called Tierra Science Global. (TSG)

Tierra Science has been generous to bring Bitqyck’s database over to their company to honor our lineage.

For 30 days Mark Rosales of Tierra Science agreed to honor our previous Bitqyck rankings. So if you are a Gold, Platinum, or PMQ you can remain so with Tierra Science for 30 days.

Bitqy is/was the altcoin attached to Bitqyck. It pumped at around 6 cents in early September and has since dumped to its current 0.000478 cent value (not a typo).

Obviously with Bitqyck and Firstmovers International dead in the water, bitqy has no reason to exist and is held only by Bitqy affiliates.

Beyond replicating Bitqyck’s unregistered securities offering and/or paying affiliates in monopoly money, what use Tierra Science Global would have for bitqy is unclear.