GSPartners has received a securities fraud warning from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

ASIC added GSPartners to its “Investor Alert List” on November 15th, 2023.

Entities placed on ASIC’s list are “likely to be offering financial services to Australian consumers”, while “not hold(ing) an Australian financial services licence or Australian credit licence from ASIC”.

Under Australian law, offering securities without being registered with ASIC constitutes securities fraud.

Almost all providers of financial services in Australia must be licensed by ASIC.

With respect to entities placed on the Investor Alert List, ASIC warns;

If someone contacts you to offer an investment opportunity, or you find a suspicious website, be wary. It could be a scam.

This investor alert list can help you know which companies, businesses and websites (or ‘entities’) are not to be trusted.

Over on FaceBook there’s a “GS Partners Australia” group, currently boasting 3800+ members:

The group has two admins; Brent Dobson and Mell Balment.

Dobson, who appears to work for Toyota, and Balment, who refers to herself as a “quantum coach and healer”, are both from Queensland.

GSPartners is run by Josip Heit (right).

Heit is believed to hold a German passport and is presently hiding out in Dubai.

In addition to Australia, GSPartners and Heit have received multiple regulatory enforcement actions from the US, Canada and South Africa.

In the US ArkansasWisconsinKentuckyCaliforniaWashingtonAlabama and Texas have all taken regulatory action against GSPartners and Heit.

BehindMLM also recently confirmed ongoing CFTC and SEC investigations.

In Canada GSPartners has received seven securities fraud warnings; British ColumbiaOntario, Alberta (G999, GSTrade and GSPartners), Quebec and Saskatchewan.

As part of a joint operation with their US counterparts, last week the British Columbia Securities Commission also took further action against three GSPartners promoters.

Finally, South Africa’s FSCA issued a GSPartners securities fraud warning on November 22nd.

Given the scope of GSPartners’ fraud across the US and involvement of federal regulators, it’s highly likely the DOJ are also building a criminal case.

To date neither Josip Heit or any GSB executives have addressed the GSPartners regulatory enforcement actions.


Update 24th November 2023 – Another FaceBook group used to illegally promote GSPartners to Australians is Solutions Outside the System.

The private group was created in February 2023 and currently has 4700+ members.

Further research reveals one member citing Martene Wallace and Stacey Smith as “leaders” of the group.

Martene and partner Nathan Wallace, who go by “freetoexplore” on social media, are believed to have attended GSPartners’ recent marketing event in Cape Town, South Africa.

Smith was also at the Cape Town event. On social media Smith goes by “barefootkiwis” and, together with Martene, hosted GSPartners promotional events in Australia earlier this year.

The Wallaces are from Queensland. “Kiwis” denotes Smith is from New Zealand, but she is believed to be travelling around Australia.

Other visible admins of the Solutions Outside The System FaceBook group include Stephen Collins, Brad Olsen, Annie Starky, Emily Ludwig, Brad Savage, Mitchy Baker, Natalie Kimber and Brooke Pope.

Note that as I was putting this research together, the Solutions Outside The System FaceBook group was marked non-visible to the public.


Update 12th December 2023 – Two additional GSPartners promoters worth noting are Celia and Graham Duck.

The Ducks promote GSPartners to Australian residents, primarily targeting the elderly.

Prior to GSPartners, the Ducks promoted Lyoness, Finiko, Viridian and EvoRich.

Neither Celia or Graham Duck are registered with ASIC. Their participation and promotion of GSPartners is illegal under Australian securities law.